CV Internship Program

  • CVIP

  • Why Internships? 
    To provide purposeful work-based learning activities for Conestoga Valley students, through creating learning environments that inspire each learner to excel to their highest potential.  These types of unique opportunities allow these students to earn real-life experiences as they continue to explore their interests and passions. 
    How do I sign-up? 
    Companies and community resources who are interested in being involved with these opportunities should contact Will Danz or John Krulock
    What are the hour and requirements?
    • A mininum of six (6) hours a week is required (54 hours (.5 credit), 108 hours (1.0 credit), 216 hours (2.0 credits)).
    • Students must complete application
    • Return hour logs, supervisor feedback forms (1 per quarter), complete and present a digital learning portfolio.
    • Must provide own transportation. 
    • All internships must be secured with completed paperwork and clearances PRIOR to the start of the marking period. 
    What is the process?
    1. Student (junior or senior) should meet with their counselor to discuss internship opportunities.
    2. Student should meet/email Mr. Danz or Mr. Krulock  to establish a plan for their internship. 
    3. Internship Coordinator will work with studnet to secure an internship. 

    Can interns be paid?
    Yes, internships can be paid positions. Questions to consider: Is the company deriving direct benefit from the intern?  Could the intern be replacing an employee? If so, then it is foreseeable that the intern should be paid.  However, there is no minimum or maximum wage for internships and rate of payment is at the discretion of the company.
    What is the difference between our Internship Program and Work Experience?
    Internships should be aligned with learner's post-secondary and/or career goals.  Internships should promote the development of new career-related skills.  A work study can apply to any type of job and does not need to be tied to post-secondary goals or career goals.  
Intern at Strasburg Veterinary Clinic
ashley nolt