CV Virtual Academy

  • CV logo Conestoga Valley’s Virtual Academy is a premier provider of local K-12 cyber education. The pace of learning is set by students and their families in an online or blended learning environment. CVVA combines cyber learning with a local touch: face-to-face meetings with Conestoga Valley teachers, software and hardware support and access to CV’s award-winning arts programs, extracurricular activities and Buckskin athletics.


    Public virtual schools are similar to traditional “brick and mortar” schools in many ways, including academic services and accountability requirements:


    Teachers are responsible for overseeing and managing student learning and ensuring that students are meeting all academic progress and accountability requirements:


    • All students must participate in state assessment tests.
    • All students must meet attendance requirements.
    • All students are eligible to participate in electives (art, music, physical education, library etc.) with their peers in a traditional manner or online.
    • In addition to electives, students can participate in clubs and extracurricular activities.
    • Any resident student may be considered for enrollment into CVVA.
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