Law Enforcement/Safety Club

  • AdvisorSchool Resource Officer (SRO) Heather Waltman

    Description: Do you watch LivePD or NCIS? Do you like solving cases? Are you considering a career in law enforcement or any other related field in criminal justice? Then consider joining our club in order to get a closer look at the world of law enforcement and to hear from guest speakers in the field.

    Potential speakers for the school year: Corrections, Sheriff Deputies, K9, Probation Officers, Crime Lab technicians, SERT Team, and ELTPD detectives.

    Meeting Time/Location: This club will meet during Flex in room #171 or the cafeteria, stay tuned to the announcements. We meet the SECOND Flex day of the Month.

    Membership: Any student may join at any time. Contact the club advisor or administration directly for more information.