Behind-the-Wheel Instruction

  •  Students behind the wheel drivingConestoga Valley also offers six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. Led by Pennsylvania certified driving instructors Thomas Reinfried and George Male, this course teaches students: 

    • Proper vision, braking and steering patterns to reduce risks
    • Proper driver responses to traffic-control devices (such as red lights, stop signs, etc.)
    • Mechanics of parking
    • Proper techniques for interacting with other motorists
    • Proper techniques for passing slow-moving vehicles common to area roadways
    • Ways to minimize risks during inclement driving conditions
    • Mechanics of merging and exiting limited access highways
    • Stabilized driving in urban areas

    Scheduling this series of lessons will take place during school hours and over the summer months. The lessons will also coincide with students’ six-month test eligibility date. The successful completion of Virtual Drive and this behind-the-wheel phase will make students eligible to take the “on-the-road” driver’s license exam at Conestoga Valley administered by Mr. Reinfried.

    This phase of driver’s education must be completed in conjunction with the online course to qualify for insurance premium reductions and early eligibility for senior driver’s licenses.

    Behind-the-wheel instruction will be scheduled no sooner than 90 days prior to a student’s test-eligable date.