Driving & Parking

  • High School Driving Regulations

    Driving to high school is a privilege granted to those students who obey school parking and driving regulations.  This privilege will be offered to students with a valid driver’s license.  The operation and parking of vehicles on school district property is regulated by the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and policies of the School Board. In addition to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct and School Board Policy, violators of regulations pertaining to the operation and parking of vehicles may be subject to prosecution.  Permission to drive may be revoked if students fail to adhere to school rules.



    1.   Before any student will be permitted to register his or her car, he or she must satisfy all current outstanding fines, and disciplinary obligations.

    Parking Registration Form

    **Students who have not registered their cars prior to the first day of school will not be allowed to drive to school until they register their car by using the link above**

    2.  All students who drive to school must register their cars.  Use the link above to fill out a parking registration.  You must supply a copy of your driver's license and payment before the first day of school, either by mailing it to the HS or dropping it off at the HS main office.  The price of a parking permit is $75.00 for the school year and will be prorated accordingly by Administration.  Please make checks payable to CVSD.  Parking Permits will be handed out during lunches on the first day of school.

    3.  Parking stickers should be placed on the driver’s side rear window. Administrative approval is necessary for alternate sticker placement.


    4.  Students are not permitted to share stickers or purchase stickers from other students.


    Parking Regulations

    1.  Students may only park in the “S” student parking lot.  If this is not followed, parking tickets will be issued and parking permits/privileges may be revoked.

    2.  Students with a parking permit who are temporarily driving a non-registered car must sign the car in at the front office window

    3.  Students must park in one space, and park between the lines.

    4.  Students must leave their cars and enter the high school building upon parking

    5.     Students are not permitted to use the main school driveway or the cross drives at  any time.

    6.  Students may not leave the school building to enter their cars during the school day unless permission has been granted by the Administration. 


    7.  Student automobiles without valid parking stickers will be towed away at the driver's expense, in addition to disciplinary consequences.

    **Students with a parking permit who are temporarily driving a non-registered vehicle must sign the vehicle in at the front office window.**


    1.  Students will not be permitted to:

          a. Park in the Administration center or teacher parking lot or area that is unmarked.

          b. Park out of or across lines.

          c. Travel too fast for safety of other students using the lot.  Speed limit on school property is 10 m.p.h.

         d. Students having permission to leave school may not transport any students who do not have permission.

         e. Career and Technology Center Seniors may not transport underclassmen to and from the CTC.

    2.      Violations can result in tickets, fines and/or other disciplinary action, including revocation of driving privileges.

    3.      Driving privileges will be taken from students who have more than 10 tardies (3rd offense) for school and/or who leave school before dismissal without permission.

    4.  Failure to pay the fine will result in removal of driving privileges.

    5.  The second driving violation of any kind will result in the loss of driving privileges and further disciplinary action.

    6.  Any underclassman caught parking on school district property without permission will not be issued a parking space for one school year when eligible.


    7.  While parking on school property, all vehicles are subject to search by administration when reasonable suspicion exists.