1:1 Learning at CV

  • CV provides 1:1 Laptop Learning. All students in grades seven through twelve will be issued a laptop computer to use for the entire school year.  We streamlined our distribution procedures this year and will be giving students their laptops during management teams on the first day of school.  Students will have the option of submitting a technology fee of $20.00 (capped at $50.00 per family and waived for students eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch), which will cover accidental damages to their computer.  The fee is for accidental damage and subsequent repair costs not covered under the normal warranty.  Students who opt not to pay the technology fee, will be responsible for all repair costs caused by accidental damage, up to a maxium of $150.00.  All Students are liable for the full cost of repair or replacement for damages due to negligence or if the laptop is lost or stolen.  Student laptops will be collected at the end of the school year.  Please review the key points below regarding 1:1 learning this year:

    Laptop Care

    Laptops are to be used for school related purposes both during and after school.  Students are responsible for their own laptop, power cord and case and proper care must be exhibited at all times.  Laptops must be properly stored and secured at all times.  Lost, damaged, or stolen laptops and/or accessories should be reported to administration at once. NOTE:  Theft is not covered under the technolgy fee or warranty! 

    Technical Assistance

    Accidental damage and/or technical problems will be addressed by the CV IT Department.  At the high school, students may obtain technical assistance by visiting the Tech Service room (located in the Library).  A pass is required when visiting the Tech Service room during class time.

    Programs & Software

    Each student laptop is pre-loaded with district approved programs and software.  No other programs may be installed on student laptops.


    Each student laptop includes Palo Alto web filtering software. NOTE: No filtering program can completely eliminate all inappropriate content.  Parents are important partners with the school in promoting responsible and safe use of technology.  

    Reduced Insurance Fees

    Students who qualify for free and reduced meals are covered by the technology fee for accidental damages to their laptop.

    Distribution Procedures

    All students will receive their laptop in management teams on the first day of school.  Students will need to sign a Laptop Assessment Form upon receipt of their laptop, power cord and case, and need only submit a valid parent email address to receive an email receipt of technology fee payment. Technology fees will be collected by management team teachers on the first day.  Cash and checks are accepted.  Checks should be made out to Conestoga Valley School District.

    Collection Procedures

    Laptops and accessories will be collected from students at the conclusion of the school year during management teams. 

    School issued laptops provide each student with a powerful tool to improve learning, advance student achievement and strengthen real world skills.  Our teachers continue to explore ways “anytime, anywhere” computing can enhance students’ school experiences and we look forward to 1:1 Learning at Conestoga Valley High School!

    Should you have further questions about student laptops, please contact the CVHS Main Office at 717-397-5231 ext. 1000.