Career and Technology Center (CTC)

  • Lancaster County Career and Technical Center (LCCTC)


    Who:  For juniors and seniors interested in pursuing a specific field of study during and/or after high school.

    What: Mainly called “CTC”, it is a half-day program during the junior year and a full-day program during the senior year. (Students may select either program or both. You need not attend the half-day program to attend the full-day program during your senior year.)

    Where: There are 3 CTC locations – Brownstown, Willow Street, and Mount Joy

    When: Junior and/or Senior year. Also, the CTC is available for high school graduates of all ages.

    How: The CTC requires an application, which is due around mid-January. Preference is given to those students who apply on time, have completed their required freshman/sophomore classes, and have a good attendance record. The CTC grading system is based upon a knowledge grade, a skills grade, and an employability grade—that's where the attendance and attitude become very important!

    Why: The CTC prepares students for employment, 2-year technical or trade schools, and 4-year colleges and universities.


    CTC also provides students with dual-enrollment and co-op experiences. Many students take college classes while in high school at CTC; others attain paid internships at local businesses. These internships often lead directly to full-time paid employment after graduation.


    Parents, the CTC is NOT like the Vo-Tech of past years (a place to go when you don't like school); there is book work and tests, but much of the learning is career-specific and hands-on. Students who like to work with their hands appreciate the opportunity to shine in a school environment different from what they are used to.

    Also, the graduation project is usually completed as part of the CTC full-day senior program. 


    For scheduling, juniors take math, English, PE & health, and either science or social studies (4 credits). The other 4 credits are the CTC program. The senior full-day program consists of all 8 credits; therefore, your English, government, and PE/CCC are waived for senior year.

    The CTC tuition is paid by CV School District; however, most programs do have a cost to students for uniforms and tools/equipment. This cost varies by program, but is usually around $200 per year.

    Transporatation is provided to and from CV High School, but students are permitted to drive to the CTC.

    Students are still enrolled at CV High School. They may take part in all of the extra-curricular programs of the school. (sports, prom, musical production, etc.) While the CTC does have its own graduation ceremony, CV students still graduate from CV and take part in our commencement ceremony.

    Please visit the CTC website -- -- for even more information.