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Open Campus Information and Application - Applications

  • Open Campus


    Open Campus is a special scheduling privilege permitting students to leave the school campus for a specific block.  It is extended to eligible juniors and seniors who meet qualifying criteria for attendance, behavior, and academic achievement.  Students falling below these standards may lose Open Campus privileges until deficiencies in these areas improve.  Eligible juniors and seniors may select Open Campus as a course during a specific marking period.   Juniors and seniors may only select one Open Campus per marking period for up to a total of four for the school year.  Open Campus students must complete and submit an application that includes a parent’s signature prior to beginning their Open Campus experience.  

    Students and parents should consider Open Campus for the following reasons:

    •  Providing extra study time or a break during a challenging course schedule.
    •  Provide support during students’ extracurricular schedule.
    •  Providing support for unique family needs.
    •  Supporting student’s work schedules. 

    Open campus may also be made available to eligible juniors and seniors as a substitute for a scheduled study hall.  Eligible students scheduled for study halls may contact their school counselor and inquire about Open Campus after schedules are posted.  It is important to note that students receive no credit for Open Campus and it potentially can have a negative impact on class rank.  Students must also have satisfied all school obligations, including fines, and meet all transportation guidelines relative to traveling to and from school.  Students must either have a valid parking permit, or a parent note giving permission to ride with another student or be transported by their parents or guardians. 

     The student must sign in and out at the Attendance Office each day as a form of attendance and accountability for the Open Campus block. For security reasons, the student may leave the building via the Main Entrance only. If the student needs to remain in the building to work with a teacher, the teacher must email or call the Main Office in order to give permission for the student to remain in the building. The expectation with Open Campus is that the student will be off campus for the block. 

    Applications can be dropped off at the Attendance Office or faxed to the HS at 717.397.8841.

    Applications may be handed into the Attendance Office during school hours.   

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