Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation Requirements

    There are two main requirements that must be successfully completed in order to be eligible for graduation from Conestoga Valley High School. They are: (1) Pass the required number of credits and courses and (2) Demonstrate proficiency on the Keystone Exams by the end of 11th grade. These requirements are described in more detail below.


    1. Course and Credit Requirements

    Course Credits
    Social Studies
    Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 required)
    Science (Principles of Science and Biology are required)
    Physical Education
    Digital Literacy 4 Today
    Career Education
    Current Health Issues
    Consumer Skills
    Personal and Family Development 0.5
    Technology Education (any level 1 class)
    Electives (e.g. areas of specialization, career and personal interest areas, world languages, etc.

    *  Course requirements may be modified to accommodate students’ IEPs and those students enrolled in CTC programs. Full-day CTC students receive 8 credits upon successful completion of the senior year.       

           Total Credits Required for Graduation………………………………………………..     28.0


    2. Proficiency on the Keystone Exams

    Pennsylvania adopted the Keystone Exams in 2009 replacing the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) for high school students.  These assessments are designed to measure student mastery of course specific knowledge and skills in Algebra I, Biology and Literature. 


    All CVHS students must achieve proficiency on the Pennsylvania Keystone Exams in Algebra I, Biology and Literature as a condition of graduation beginning with the Class of 2015.  The Class of 2014 must demonstrate proficiency in Algebra I and Literature only.  Keystone Exams each have two parts, or modules, and are designed to be final exams for the following CVHS courses:  English 10, Algebra I and Biology.  Keystone Exams will be administered at the end of each semester as part of the regular final exams schedule.  A student’s score on each Keystone Exam counts as the final exam grade for each Keystone subject course. 


    Students who do not achieve proficiency on a Keystone Exam must retake the exam.  Students will be scheduled for specific Keystone remediation courses within their class schedule or assigned to individualized remediation programs before retaking an exam.  Non-proficient students may retake an exam as many times as needed until the spring of their junior year.  Members of the Class of 2014, 2015 and 2016 who do not achieve proficiency on a required Keystone Exam will be required during their senior year to complete a project based assessment (PBA) developed by CVHS in order to demonstrate proficiency in the required area.  PBAs will involve alternative assignments that align with the modules for each Keystone tested subject.  Beginning with the class of 2017, students not achieving proficiency on Keystone Exams will be required to demonstrate proficiency by completing PBAs developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.