Course Selection FAQs and Presentation

  • How do students select courses for the next school year?

    Students and parents reference course selection resources prior to beginning the course selection process.  Course selection resources are found on the high school webpage under Counseling > Academic Planning. 

    • Students select courses using the online Course Request Form found on the Community Portal.  Students and parents will be informed when course selection is open.
    • The online program is opened for approximately one week for students and parents to enter course selections for the coming school year.  Counselors are available to answer questions throughout this week.
    • Students select no more than ten (10) credits and choose the Save Course Request button when complete.


    Where is the Course Request Form found and how is it used?

    • Students can find the Course Request Form by logging into the Community Portal and accessing the Student Backpack.  This is the same place student report card and transcripts are found.
    • Students follow the directions for each category of courses/subjects to select. Students are to select no more than ten (10) credits on the Course Request Form.  Two alternate elective courses should be selected to replace courses that may not be available.  When all sections are completed press the Save Course Request button.
    • Teachers make recommendations for the various levels of core classes, which are then pre-loaded into the Course Request Form and highlighted in green.  Students may ask to appeal teacher recommendations using the “special request option” to submit a preferred class.   Such special requests are reviewed by subject area supervisors and administration, and a collaborative decision about changes will be made in conjunction with the student and their parents.


    What type of decisions go into course selection?

    • Courses should be selected that are aligned with students’ academic and career plans.
    • Students should take the most challenging course levels possible consistent with their abilities and work ethic.
    • Many courses have prerequisite courses that must be completed prior to scheduling. Consult the Course Catalog for details on prerequisites.
    • Consult school counselors for questions concerning course selection. 


    How are student schedules finalized and when are they available to students and parents? 

    • After all student course selections are submitted, a computerized scheduler program is used to develop a master schedule.  The scheduler program is designed to find the best arrangement and balance of courses to meet the maximum number of student requests.  Administration and guidance make additional adjustments after various versions of a master schedule have been developed.
    • Counselors will check preliminary student schedules in the spring and begin to resolve conflicts.
    • Final student schedule adjustments are made after Keystone Exam grades are received in July.  Final student schedules are posted to the Community Portal by mid-July. 


    How do school counselors assist with course selection and scheduling for the next school year?

    • Counselors help students decide what career(s) they wish to pursue and develop plans to achieve those goals.
    • Counselors help students select courses aligned with their academic and career plans.
    • Counselors help students monitor graduation requirements to ensure they are on track to graduate.
    • Counselors help student ensure that prerequisites are met for various courses.
    • Counselors help students and parents understand special programs such as CTC, dual enrollment and internships.


    What are the CVHS graduation requirements and where are they found?

    • Students need 28 total credits to graduate. 
    • Credits are made up of mandatory and elective credits. 
    • Graduation requirements are found in the Course Catalog and on the high school webpage under Counseling > Academic Planning > Graduation Requirements.


    What is the Course Catalog and how do I use it?

    • The Course Catalog is found under Counseling > Academic Planning link of the high school webpage.
    • The Course Catalog includes descriptions of all courses and included grade levels, prerequisites, credit values and special program information. 
    • Before selecting a course on the online course selection guide, students should find it in the Course Catalog and carefully read all about it.  Questions about courses should be directed to school counselors using email or by appointment in the Counseling Office.


    What courses are recommended by teachers?  Can a student change a recommended course?

    • Core classes (English, math, social studies and science) are recommended by students’ teachers by the end of February each year.  They are highlighted in green on the Course Request Form.  Some elective courses in areas such as music and world language may also require recommendations.
    • Teachers make recommendations based on students’ classroom performance, aptitudes and work ethic. 
    • Requests to change from a recommended course may be submitted by completing the special request field on the Course Request Form.


    What is “Early Graduation” and who is eligible for it?

    • Eligible students who wish to graduate from high school early may do so at the conclusion of their junior year or after the first semester of their senior year.
    • Students wishing to consider early graduation must schedule an appointment with their school counselor, meet eligibility requirements and obtain permission from their parents and school administration to do so.
    • Reasons to consider early graduation include but are not limited to enrollment in college/university, career and work plans or unique family needs.
    • Early graduation may negatively impact class rank, and those who graduate early are no longer eligible to attend or participate in school activities.  Careful consideration and discussion with a student’s assigned school counselor is necessary to consider early graduation. 


    What is the difference between a course offered in the school building and an online course?

    • The school district offers its own cyber school called the Conestoga Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA).  Courses offered through CVVA are online and use a platform called Odysseyware.  CVVA courses are taught by Conestoga Valley teachers. 
    • Students can enroll in some CVVA courses for enrichment, acceleration or to assist in the development of their career and education plans.  Decisions to enroll in CVVA courses must first be discussed with school counselors.
    • Details about CVVA can be found under the CVVA tab on high school webpage. 
    • Students wishing to accelerate may only take ten (10) credits per year or a maximum of 40 credits through their high school career.


    What is “Open Campus” and how do students apply for it?

    • Open Campus blocks are periods of time during the school day where eligible students in 11th or 12th grade may leave the school campus. 
    • Juniors and seniors must meet eligibility requirements and must obtain permission from parents and school administration.
    • Open Campus is used by students to work on online coursework, participate in work experience or internships, or to provide extra study time for classes. 
    • Open Campus may be denied or cancelled for reasons associated with academic performance, behavior, attendance or transportation issues. 

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