10th Grade Timeline - Tenth Grade Year

  • All Year

    • Routinely sign into your Class Schoology Page!
    • Don’t forget about your Career Cruising account: monitor and revise your four-year course plan, find great links to career videos/websites, take career interest surveys, and much more!
    • Continue to explore future careers that match with your interests, skills, and strengths:
      • Participate in a job shadow
      • Do an off-campus internship
      • Go on field trips to local businesses
      • Take a college campus tour
      • Meet with military recruiters
      • Start to narrow down post-secondary choice: 2 or 4-year college, technical school, military, or work force


    • In October, take the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) for practice (Suggested primarily for students who have already completed geometry)
    • If you plan to attend the Career and Technical Center (CTC) for your junior year, attend meetings and take a tour of the different campuses (CV will take you)
    • Familiarize yourself with college/technical school/work force/military entrance requirements


    • CTC applications are due mid-January! Make sure that you are meeting the deadline, as you will likely not be accepted into your preferred program if you miss the application deadline
    • Discuss your PSAT score with your counselor (if applicable)
    • If you’re not already involved in an activity (in school or outside of school), find something you’re interested in! A list of school clubs/activities can be found on the CV website.
    • Participate in community service or other volunteer activity. For a list of ideas, please visit your class’s Schoology page.
    • Fall Keystone Exams will take place at the end of the first semester (if you need help in your classes: talk to your teacher, counselor, or go to after-school tutoring through Learning Lab)
    • Course Selection Process - February


    • Keep your grades up! You’re almost there!
    • Continue to explore interests and careers that you think you might like
    • Spring Keystone Exams - May
    • If you are interested in attending a military academy, such as West Point or Annapolis, now is the time to start planning and getting information
    • Pick classes for junior year
    • Explore options for part-time work, internships, career shadowing, or volunteering over the summer


    Exploring College Options…

    • Visit college campuses, sign-up for college rep visits in the counseling office, attend college fairs, talk to admissions counselors, and research college entrance requirements
    • Decide whether you want to take the SAT (collegeboard.org), ACT (actstudent.org), or both (check out princetonreview.com for information about both exams)
    • Learn more about college cost and financial aid (www.fafsa.ed.gov)
    • Make a list of college characteristics that are important to you (cost, distance from home, size, campus life)
    • Consider AP or Dual Enrollment courses to prepare for college level work


    Other Helpful Websites:






    **Make sure to continue to update your high school resume with your accomplishments, activities, shadowing, volunteering, and work experiences!