GPA & Class Rank

  • The School Board has approved changes to the class rank formula for Conestoa Valley High School for the incoming class of 2023 and beyond to a purely weighted system and eliminated the total credits multiplier of our current formula. Weight will be added to GPA point values by mulitplying a consistent percentage to Level II and Level III courses. Those values will then be added up and divided by the total number of credits completed.

    Weighted Courses that Affect Class Rank

    Honors: Classes designated as “honors” are taught with an added level of academic rigor and depth. Students who take honors level classes are expected to produce a high standard of academic work and demonstrate proven organizational and critical thinking skills. Honors classes typically involve extensive reading assignments and a strong emphasis on writing. Departmental recommendation is required to be considered for honors level coursework.

    Dual Enrollment: Dual Enrollment refers to a program supported by the state to allow students to take college level coursework while still in high school. Courses designated as “dual enrollment” allow students to receive high school elective credit and college-level credit at the same time. Students are limited to six college credits a semester and/or a total of twelve credits throughout his or her high school career. Course work may be completed in the following disciplines: English, reading, language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, arts history, and geography. Students receive one (1) CVHS elective credit for each three-credit (or more) dual enrollment course completed with a minimum grade of 2.0(C). Dual enrollment agreements are established in collaboration with colleges and universities. CVHS currently has dual enrollment agreements with seven local colleges and universities. The criteria for eligibility for dual enrollment courses are as follows:

    • The student is a high school junior or senior.
    • The student is making satisfactory progress toward fulfilling graduation requirements as determined by the school district. The school district will determine satisfactory progress based on the student’s current schedule and grades.
    • The student demonstrated readiness for college-level coursework in the intended subject area of study as determined by the college. The college will determine readiness based on academic grades in the subject area related to the college course of interest. The college would like the student to have at least a 3.0 GPA in the academic area of the college-level course.
    • In addition to the aforementioned criteria for eligibility, each college or university may have additional admission requirements and/or course prerequisites. Students should talk to their guidance counselors for additional information.

    Students are responsible for the costs of tuition for dual enrollment courses. Tuition costs are established by the collaborating college or university. The Counseling Office has all up-to-date tuition information.

    • Advanced Placement: Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available to students who wish to pursue a rigorous curriculum and potentially earn college credit. AP coursework is aligned with the curriculum set by the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program. At CVHS, the AP courses meet for the entire year or one semester, and each course culminates with a subject-specific test given in the first weeks of May. While there is no cost to enroll in AP courses, there is a fee to take the AP test. By scoring well on an AP test, a student may earn college credit or bypass college requirements; however, individual colleges and universities vary on whether to accept and/or what AP score will earn credit. Successful students are encouraged to take the AP test, but the test is not mandatory for completion of the course for high school credit. Further information may be obtained from the Counseling Office or online at

    • College in the High School (CHS) Offerings: College in the High School (CHS) is an opportunity for Conestoga Valley High School students to experience college-level coursework within the framework of existing CVHS curriculum. CHS courses are taught by qualified high school faculty members at Conestoga Valley High School and are approved by participating institutions of higher education. Currently, Conestoga Valley High School has agreements with Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) to offer courses in English and social studies. Students are enrolled as HACC students and take the CHS course at a reduced tuition rate. Students may incur additional costs each year for items such as textbooks and/or lab equipment. The eligibility requirements for CHS coursework are as follows: (1) Students must take a placement test for CHS English 101 and 102; (2) Students must be recommended by a specific subject area supervisor; (3) Students must have the approval of high school administration. Other specific program criteria may apply.

    Honor Roll and Distinguished Honor Roll

    The high school has two methods to recognize superior student achievement; the Honor Roll and the Distinguished Honor Roll.  The criteria for both are as follows.

    • Honor Roll: No grade lower than letter grade B (3.0).  Please note that a letter grade of B- does not meet this criterion.
    • Distinguished Honor Roll: No grade lower than letter grade A (4.0).  Please note that a letter grade of A- does not meet this criterion.