School Health Mandated Screenings

  • School Health Mandated Screenings/Examinations

    Pennsylvania Health Law mandates that all students have complete immunization records upon entering school (at any grade). State mandated screenings are completed in all grades. These include vision screening and height/weight measurements. Hearing is checked in kindergarten, first, second, third, seventh and eleventh grades. Scoliosis screenings are performed in sixth and seventh grades. Should a problem be detected in any of the screenings, parents/guardians will be notified.


    Pennsylvania Health Law requires a physical examination upon:

    • Entrance to school (kindergarten or first grade)
    • Sixth grade
    • Eleventh grade 


    Dental examinations are required upon:

    • Entrance to school
    • Third grade
    • Seventh grades 


    Mandated examinations and screenings are also required if your son or daughter’s health file is missing the mandates at the required grades.


    Forms are available in the Nursing Office or may be printed from this website.


    All students are given a CVSD Health Data Form at the beginning of each year to return to the nursing office. The return of this form is your written permission to medicate your child throughout the year. Please note, any information returned on these forms are confidential to the nursing office. Please update the Main Office with any name, phone number, or address changes for your child. Feel free to contact the school nurses throughout the year with any updates or changes regarding your child.