Gifted Education

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    Philosophy Statement
    Gifted Philosophy: Gifted education prepares every student to understand their own abilities as well as fully develop their talents in an individualized and enriching environment


    Gifted Education Curriculum Overview: LEAP, QUEST, & SAGE


    K-12 Objectives:

    • Students will develop healthy social-emotional skills and be encouraged to interact in appropriate and respectful ways with intellectual and chronological peers and teachers through social, leadership, and team-building activities-- demonstrating manners, appreciation, healthy self-esteem, and a positive attitude.
    • Students will be encouraged to meet their full potential while maintaining a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities; collaboration and healthy competition; pursuing excellent, quality products and studying for the love of learning alone. Emphasis is on learning, expression, and full self-actualization and not the perfectionistic pursuit of grades.
    • Students will develop creativity and advanced problem solving skills—consistently demonstrating higher order thinking skills and professional habits of mind.
    • Students will develop effective, creative and broad communication skills—focusing on all media.
    • Students will learn grade appropriate research and study skills.
    • Students will be guided to develop appropriate course schedules of regular education and honors courses based on present levels of educational performance, academic potential, and interests.