Elementary Schools at a Glance


    turtle charity photo Elementary Grades

    All four elementary schools in the Conestoga Valley School District—Brownstown, J.E. Fritz, Leola and Smoketown—offer classes for students from kindergarten to sixth grade.


    Academic Programs

    Each elementary school offers a comprehensive curriculum of mathematics, language arts, science and social studies, as well as music, art and physical education programs. The Conestoga Valley Virtual Academy, a K-12 cyber program for CV students, features an elementary learning center housed at Fritz Elementary.


    Full-Day Kindergarten

    Offered in all elementary schools, full-day kindergarten is part of the district’s robust early childhood education program. Literacy remains the focus in full-day kindergarten, while the extended instructional time allows for greater depth in math, science and social studies.



    Parents of young children in CV benefit from public-private partnerships to offer Pre-K to qualifying students. Managed by Chesterbrook Academy in Leola, the program offers engaging learning activities that enhance school readiness and support students’ social, cognitive and physical development.


    Literacy Program
    CV’s elementary literacy program is based on a comprehensive, responsive literacy philosophy. Students are taught to access a variety of strategies and processes which develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Strategic assessment of students’ abilities guides instruction in order to meet the needs of diverse learners. CV aims to develop life-long critical thinkers and dynamic learners who are able to successfully navigate the demands of 21st century literacy.


    Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII)

    RtII is a process that provides interventions and educational support to all students at increasing levels of intensity based on their individual needs. It is a positive, proactive approach that helps close the achievement gap in math, reading and writing, and addresses behavior issues.


    Art, Music, Library and Physical Education

    CV’s elementary special areas are developmental and child-centered. Every cycle, elementary students participate in music, art, library and physical education classes. In each program, students learn specific skills and how those skills can be applied in various settings.


    Counseling Program
    Elementary counselors address academic, social-emotional and career needs through classroom guidance lessons on topics such as conflict resolution, study skills, and teamwork. Individual and small group counseling take place daily. Counselors collaborate with teachers concerning individual needs of students and screen students for the gifted program. Counselors play an integral role in welcoming new families into the buildings, as well as the kindergarten registration, screening and orientation process. All elementary schools are working with students to minimize bullying behavior using a Positive School-wide Behavior Framework.


    Before/After school care

    All Conestoga Valley Elementary Schools offer on-site before and after school childcare through a partnership with Bright Horizons.


    Parent-Teacher Organizations

    CV has active parent-teacher organizations at each of its elementary schools. The PTOs coordinate activities and fundraisers and offer scholarships to graduating seniors.