Visual Arts

  • Students in all grade levels in all of our buildings are hard at work all school year on various art projects and we want to make sure their artwork gets the proper attention it deserves! Each month, you will find a recap of what students have been working on in their various art classes. Just check out the menu to the left side of this page for month-by-month reports!

  • Philosophy StatementStudent in Art Class

    Art education prepares all students for success as life-long learners by providing them with opportunities that challenge thinking, and encourage problem solving and the communication of ideas. The Art Department fosters individual expression and independent thinking. We are aware of our position to positively impact a generation of learners by expanding their awareness of the global community, and by developing their understanding of art and its role in society.


    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Art Department is to provide learning experiences that cultivate creative thinking, problem solving and individual expression in order to contribute to the formation of a generation of thinkers who understand the role of art in contemporary and historic cultures.

    The art curriculum at Conestoga Valley is based upon the Nationals Core Arts Standards.