Community Use of Facilities

  • Community Use of Facilities

    1. Scheduling and fees

    Outdoor recreation areas, including the all-weather track, may be used free by residents so long as their behavior and activities are appropriate and do not interfere with school programs. Stadium and turf field usage must be approved by the athletic department. Fees will be determined on an individual basis. Priority for use of baseball fields will be extended to those organizations having approval from the Board. Tennis courts are available when play does not conflict with school use.

    Indoor facilities (classrooms, auditoriums, and gyms) are also available for community use. Fees will be determined on an individual basis. For additional details on rental policies or to reserve a date, contact the school building where space is needed. Any fees collected for the use of district athletic facilities will be designated to a special fund for their improvement.

    All CVSD libraries offer research assistance and many excellent print and online resources. District library resources, including ebooks and databases, can also be accessed from home by visiting the library homepage, Students who have a library card from the public library can access free databases at by clicking on the POWER Library icon.

    Fundraising Activities: Parent booster groups or PTOs should review any plans for fundraising activities with their building principal before implementing any projects from which proceeds are directly raised for or by our students. All groups must submit a Fundraising Request Form, found under the “For Students – Clubs & Organizations” link on the CV High School website.

    1. Inappropriate Behavior

    Any person whose conduct is considered to be inappropriate may be removed from the premises by police. Where appropriate, they shall be prosecuted and may be denied future access. Smoking, vaping, and e-cigarettes are prohibited for any individual in all school facilities and on all school grounds.

    1. Vehicles and Animals

    Motor-driven and horse-drawn vehicles must be parked on designated macadam areas. Horses may not be ridden on school grounds, nor may vehicles or animals be raced on school property. Bicycles, wagons, and similar vehicles may be ridden on macadam areas when such areas are clear of traffic and are not being used for other scheduled activities. Recreational and other unlicensed motor vehicles are not permitted on grounds except in emergencies. School grounds may not be utilized for personal parking of cars, trucks, or other vehicles.

    1. Driving/Parking on Grass – Prohibited

    Drivers may be prosecuted for driving or parking on the grass unless directed to do so by parking lot attendants. All persons using outdoor facilities shall drive and park only on macadam areas.

    1. Observe All Yellow Lines and Fire Zones

    Violation of any of the above may result in prosecution and/or loss of privilege to use facilities.

    1. Access Road

    Use of Pritchard Way, the road connecting CV High School and the entrance to the new middle school, is not permitted between the hours of 7:15-7:45 a.m. and 2:15-3 p.m. to allow for bus traffic. Parking on or along Pritchard Way is not permitted at any time.