• CV boys soccer provide a number of offseason oppertutnites for our players.  Our philospy is you should get invovled in other sports, but if you are not then you should stay active by working out in the fintess center and getting touches on the ball.  The following are schedules and informatino on what is offered and when.

  • Bundes Liga

    During the months of Janurary to march we offer futsal in our gyms 1-2 nights a week for players to get touches on the ball.  Click on the logo above to visit the League's site.

  • CV Crest

    There is four aspects to every soccer player; mental, physical, technical, and tactical.  By clicking on the team crest you will get to our offsesaon speed/ agility & strength/ conditioning workouts.   

  • CVSL  

    ** There will not be a summer league for the summer of 2020

    Starting Mid-May the boys will select sides to play outdoors in a Summer League.  Similar to Futsal it gives the players a chance to train, get touches, and maintain/ improve fitness.  Click on the logo for more information