Level I Infractions

  • Level I Infractions


    Examples of Infractions

    Required Action

    Disciplinary Options

    Level I:  Conflicts With the Orderly Operation of the Classroom/School

    Misbehavior on the part of the student that impedes orderly classroom procedures or interferes with the orderly operation of school.  These misbehaviors shall be handled by the staff member who observes the infraction.  Repeated misbehavior becomes a Level II violation.  An accurate record of the offenses and disciplinary action is maintained by the teacher. 

    1. Disrupting the educational process
    2. Failure to complete assignments or carry out directions
    3. Tardyto class
    4. Classroom misconduct
    5. Inappropriate display of affection
    6. Failure to follow food/drink restrictions
    7. Hallway passport/hall pass misuse
    8. Non-defiant failure to follow directions or complete assignments
    9. Unprepared for class
    10. Possession of prohibited electronic devices
    1. Immediate intervention by the staff member who observes the infraction
    2. Repeated misbehavior requires a conference between the teacher and the student
    3. Parent contact and student conference must happen before moving to Level II
    4. Referral to Level II for guidance counselor or administrative involvement must be in writing
    1. Verbal reprimand
    2. Apology to offended party
    3. Assigned seating
    4. Clean-up area
    5. Restriction as appropriate
    6. Parent contact
    7. Lunch detention
    8. Teacher detention
    9. Referral to counselor
    10. Performance contract
    11. Reduction of grade for cheating
    12. Social probation
    13. Referral to counselor and/or Student Assistance Program