Level II Infractions

  • Level II Infractions


    Examples of Infractions

    Required Action

    Disciplinary Options

    Level II:  Serious Misbehavior that Disrupts the Learning Environment

    Misbehavior, through its frequency or seriousness, that tends to disrupt the learning climate of the school but does not directly affect health and safety of others. These infractions, which usually result from the continuation of LEVEL I misbehaviors, require the intervention of school counselors or personnel on the administrative level because the execution of LEVEL I disciplinary options have failed to correct the situations.

    1. Disrupting the educational process
    2. Continuation of LEVEL I infractions
    3. Multiple LEVEL I infractions
    4. Improper dress
    5. Cheating& lying
    6. Failure to serve detention for a teacher
    7. Unauthorized presence
    8. Possession of offensive material
    9. Cafeteria misconduct (throwing food, removing food/drink)
    1. Staff person observing the behavior intervenes and refers to school counselor or administrator for action
    2. Administrator meets with the student and/or teacher
    3. Teacher is informed in writing of administrator’s action
    4. Parents are sent written notice of misconduct
    1. Administrator has discretion to use any LEVEL I option if warranted
    2. Restricted study hall
    3. Detention
    4. Clean-up area
    5. School/Community service
    6. Referral to Student Assistance Program (SAP)
    7. Suspension from class
    8. Schedule changes
    9. Zero for assignments missed (unlawful or class cuts only)
    10. In-school suspension (if available)
    11. Social probation
    12. Hall pass privileges revoked
    13. Driving privileges revoked