Level IV Infractions

  • Level IV Infractions


    Examples of Infractions

    Required Action

    Disciplinary Options

    Level IV:  Acts Against Persons/Property Which Seriously Endanger Property/Others 

    Acts which result in violence to another’s person or property or which pose a direct threat to safety of others. These acts are generally criminal in nature and are so serious that they always require administrative intervention, appropriate school board referral, and referral to law enforcement agencies. Disciplinary options have failed to correct the situations.


    1. Continuation of LEVEL I, II, III infractions
    2. Aggressive physical action toward any district employee
    3. Assault and battery
    4. Extortion
    5. Possession/sale of stolen property
    6. Possession/use or furnishing/selling drugs (including over the counter drugs), alcoholor other controlled substances (see Drug/Alcohol Free Policy)
    7. Possession, use, or transfer of weapons. Requires referral to policeand board hearing
    8. Bomb threat/false fire alarm. Requires notification of police/fire officials
    9. Disruption of the building or district educational program
    10. Arson, rape, or other criminal activities
    11. Disorderly conduct
    12. Possession/use of fireworks and explosives
    13. Major vandalismor theft
    14. Violent threats to cause harm



    1. Staff intervention—administrative referral
    2. Removal from the area
    3. Parent contact
    4. Administration meets with student
    5. Required conference with parent & student



    1. Prosecution
    2. Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP)
    3. Suspension from class
    4. Expulsion
    5. In-school suspension (if available)
    6. Involvement of police
    7. Referral for Board action
    8. Out of school suspension
    9. Mandatory completion of the Student Assistance Program Assessment
    10. Alternative Learning Program
    11. Prosecution with District Justice