The Price of Underage Drinking

  • We asked our local District Justice about the penalties for underage drinking and received the following information:

    • Suspension of driver’s license if convicted for: lying about your age to obtain alcohol; purchasing, consuming, possessing, or transporting alcohol; carrying a false ID.
    • Suspension for first offense is 90 days; second offense is one year; third offense is two years. If under age 16 when convicted, the suspension of your driving privilege begins after you pass your driver’s test.
    • Fine up to $500
    • Notification of parents
    • In addition, you may be required to be evaluated to determine your involvement with alcohol. You may also be required to successfully complete a program of alcohol education and counseling.

    REMEMBER: You do not have to be in or near a car, have a driver’s license, or even be old enough to drive for this law to apply.

    Merely being caught with a fake ID, drinking, being intoxicated, transporting alcohol, or having alcohol in your possession will result in the above penalties.

    Reminder to Parents:

    Adults who provide alcohol to persons under 21– even their own children – will receive a MANDATORY fine of $1,000 for the first offense and $2,500 for second or subsequent offenses per minor. For example, providing alcohol to a party involving 10 minors will result in a fine of $10,000 to $25,000. Anyone who makes or sells false ID will receive the same penalty.