•  CV Cheerleading Values: CV Cheerleaders are committed to the highest level of athleticism, performance, self-discipline, and respect for the school and others. Cheerleaders should demonstrate an ability to balance academic requirements and demands with extra-curricular and personal activities. Membership on a CV Cheerleading squad is an opportunity for personal growth, leadership, and involvement in diverse activities. The attitude, dedication, and enthusiasm of the squad members are just as important as the skills involved in cheerleading.

    CV Cheerleading Standards: CV Cheerleaders understand that teamwork and discipline are key to the success of this program; they are dedicated to promoting spirit, enthusiasm, and a positive winning attitude through example. Adherence to the rules contained herein is vital to achieving these goals. All members realize that the manner in which they conduct themselves, in or out of uniform, directly reflects on the entire team and school.

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