Tobacco & Gambling

  • Tobacco Use & Possession Policy

    Tobacco use and/or possession by all persons, students or adults is prohibited in all school buildings, school vehicles, and on school property owned by, leased by, or under the control of the school district, including off-campus school-sponsored activities. The following are understood with respect to this policy:

    • Smoking includes possession of a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or other lighted smoking equipment, including electronic cigarettes (e.g. e-cigarettes) and/or vaping devices and chewing tobacco.
    • Tobacco possession/use includes all tobaccocontaining products, including smokeless and chewing tobacco, and vaping related liquids, oils and/or waxes. It also includes lighters, matches, and other materials used to ignite tobacco.

    Enforcement & Disciplinary Options

    Confiscation and Proof: Tobacco products, nicotine products, and/or smoking/vaping equipment discovered in the possession of a student will be confiscated and given to the building principal.

    Reasonable Suspicion by witness of a student using or possessing tobacco products or smoking/vaping equipment, which may include lighters, matches, electronic cigarettes nicotine products or vaping devices, will justify disciplinary action under this policy. Direct observation of smoking/vaping is not always required.

    Direct Observation of Smoking: Direct observation of a student or adult in possession of a lighted tobacco product will result in a summary citation being filed before the District Justice, with a fine up to $50, as per Act 128 of 2000.

    Mandatory Prosecution and Consequences: Any student who violates this smoking policy will be liable for prosecution and/or disciplinary consequences. School discipline for “direct observation” of smoking, as well as other smoking/vaping policy violations, will be as follows:

    Other Smoking/Vaping Policy Violations for Students

    1st Offense: 1 day OSS/3 days ISS; parent contact
    2nd Offense: 3 days OSS/5 days ISS; counselor referral; parent conference
    3rd Offense:  5 days OSS/10 days ISS; parent conference; administrative review

    CVSD Gambling Policy

    The Conestoga Valley School District supports all federal and state laws regarding illegal gambling. Student gambling is strictly prohibited while in school, on school property, in school vehicles, at any school functions, or while in transit from home to school or school to home. Prohibited activities include but are not limited to betting, wagering, or selling pools on any event, whether professional or amateur; playing card games for money or prizes; possessing any card, book, or other device for registering bets; knowingly permitting the use of your cellular phone, computer or other electronic device for illegal gambling; offering, soliciting or accepting a bribe to influence the outcome of an event; involvement in unauthorized raffles or lotteries. Appropriate discipline will be administered in accordance with the district’s Code of Student Conduct and discipline policies.