1. Enrollment: students must be officially enrolled in the Conestoga Valley School District in grades 7-12. In most cases, homeschooled and cyberschooled students that reside within CVSD are also eligible.

    2. Students must have a pre-participation athletic physical (dated June 1 or later) and/or recertification. The medical exam may be performed by a family doctor/physician, or the CV Sports Medicine Staff, which, as a courtesy, provides physical exam opportunities during the first or second week of June each year at a discounted price. Physical dates and times are advertised at each elementary, MS and HS as well as the CVSD website and email blast. The PIAA required CIPPE form is available HERE, in the CVHS Main Office, Athletic Office, Athletic Training Room, CVSD website and/or the PIAA website (www.piaa.org).

    3. Students may not participate on a MS athletic team if he or she turns 16 years old before July 1.  Students may not participate on a HS athletic team if he or she turns 19 years old before July 1.

    4. Academic Eligibility: student/athletes participating at the HS level may not be failing more than 1.0 course credits. Students participating at the MS level may not be failing more than 2.0 core credits. Student/athletes who are declared academically ineligible will be placed on suspension for one week (Sunday – Saturday), during which time they must address academic iniquities by making necessary arrangements with teachers and keeping Head Coach informed.

    5. Students have 8 semesters once they begin 9th grade and may not participate in more than 6 seasons beyond the 6th grade. The “Red Shirt” concept is null and void in interscholastic athletics.

    6. A student must exhibit good behavior in the classroom and on the athletic team. Athletic participation is a privilege, not a right. Consequently, a coach has the authority to deny a student/athlete from trying-out or participating on a CV athletic team if the student has consistently demonstrated behavior that is deemed detrimental to management and/or cohesion of the team.

    7. Students and parents must read the CVSD Extracurricular & Social Eligibility Code.  This document verifies that the student/athlete and his/her parent/guardian have read the CVSD Extracurricular Social and Eligibility Code and have received a copy of the Head Coach’s rules and regulations for the specified activity.