May 2017 Update

  • At the May 8 board meeting, Dr. Gerald G. Huesken introduced the CV Futures Task Force committee members. They then provided an overview of the committee's charge. Maryann Marotta, architect with Marotta and Main, informed the board that a walk-thru of each building was conducted and she provided a synopsis of the positives and negatives of each building as well as options of the scenarios for potential construction projects. Laura Herr, teacher at Leola Elementary, was present and reviewed the short-term recommendations. Dr. Huesken reviewed the long-term recommendations. 


    History of the CV Futures Task Force:

    • 24 Oct 2016 CV Task Force District History + Brainstorming Priorities
    • 01 Dec 2016 CV Task Force Facility Assessment
    • 30 Jan 2017 CV Task Force Admin Team and Community Meeting Reports + Trends in Education + Common Themes
    • 27 Feb 2017 CV Task Force Grade Configuration
    • 27 Mar 2017 CV Task Force Facility Assessment + Capacity Study + Scenarios / Cost Estimates + Pros / Cons
    • 27 Apr 2017 CV Task Force Priorities and Cost Estimates
    • 05 May 2017 Board Meeting Capacity, Priorities, Themes, and Cost Estimate
    • 18 Jul 2017 Board Meeting Facility Assessment + Cost Estimates + Summary Themes / Recommendations
    • 14 Nov 2017 Plan. Committee Pros and Cons


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