Policy Details

  • Classification of Absences/TARDIES

    Excused: School Board policy excuses students from compulsory attendance for all or part of a school day for the following reasons:

    • Illness
    • College visits [max. of three (3) days w/prior approval]
    • Prior approved trips/vacations
    • Religious observance/instruction
    • Family death
    • Required court attendance
    • Family emergency

    Building principals have the discretion to excuse up to five (5) absences incurred because of family emergencies. Principals may ask for an explanation of the emergency. Excused absences due to family emergencies will be deducted from the five days of excused absences permitted under the vacations and trips provision of this policy.

    Unexcused: Any absence which is not covered under the above definition of an excused absence is classified as unexcused for any students under the age of 18.

    Excuse Cards Required: Parents shall submit an attendance note via the Parent Portal or furnish a signed, written explanation for all absences and tardies. The burden of proof for excused absences rests with the parent. If excuse cards are not received within three (3) days after the child returns to school, the absence will be considered unlawful if the child is under 18.

    The “7 Day Letter”: After seven (7) days of absence, for any reason, the principal will notify parents confirming those absences.  The letter is for informational purposes only.

    Physician’s Excuse Required: Any student who has accumulated 10 or more absences (not excused by a physician or the district) will be required to furnish a written physician’s excuse for all subsequent absences. The student must be seen by a medical professional. Failure to do so will result in the absences being recorded as unexcused or unlawful. In addition to the above policy, the district reserves the right to require a physician’s excuse when deemed necessary by the school administration.

    Tardy: Tardies are classified as excused/unexcused/unlawful using the same criteria for general absences. Students arriving at school after the start of homeroom/first block will be recorded as tardy (arriving two hours or more late will be recorded as half day absence); routine health care appointments are excused. Habitual tardies are subject to the compulsory attendance laws.

    Early Dismissal: Early dismissals where students miss two or more hours will be recorded as a half day absence. Otherwise, dismissals less than two hours will be recorded as early dismissals.

    Re-entry of Students 18 and Over: Students over the age of compulsory attendance who have withdrawn from school and wish to re-enter may have entry delayed until the start of the next semester. Students who have an IEP will have entry begin within five days and the IEP team will be convened.

    Medical & Dental Appointments: Medical/dental appointments should not be scheduled during the instructional day whenever possible. When no other arrangements can be made, a note is to be submitted to the office in advance of the appointment. Students will not be dismissed without written permission. Before leaving, and after returning, students shall report to the office. Excused time will be limited to time for the appointment and normal travel time.  Administration may restrict the time and number of these absences.

    Vacations & Trips: All trips & vacations are unexcused/illegal unless prior approval is obtained and the child is in the company of an adult for the entire trip.

    With approval, a child may be given up to five (5) days of excused absence for trips and vacations. All additional days are unexcused/unlawful. If, at the time the request is received, the student has accumulated three (3) or more unlawful/unexcused absences, the request will be denied.

    Such travel requests will not be approved/excused for trips taking place during posted state assessment administration dates.