CVVA HS Internet Café

  • students in cafe CVVA continue to be a premier cyber school program, providing a first-class education for students in grades K-12. CV is excited to announce a new opportunity for secondary CVVA students — an Internet Café is now located at Conestoga Valley High School.


    The CVVA Internet Café is an environment that is warm and welcoming. It is where students in grades 7-12 can work on their virtual courses independently or with the help of CV teachers. The café has several unique features that set it apart from the traditional high school setting. It has its own entrance and is conveniently located in room 116. The café has comfy couches, high-top tables, small group collaborative work areas, and, most importantly, seating to work independently.


    CVVA students can come to the café on any day and time during the traditional school day. CVVA students can bring their own food and drinks to the café.


    If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Fecera, the Secondary CVVA Coordinator:
    Phone: 717-397-5231 x1023

    If students prefer to work at home under the guidance of parents/guardians, that is still the primary option of CVVA. The main purpose of the café is to provide CVVA students the best of both worlds.