• When a student accumulates three (3) unlawful absences, parents will be sent what is termed a “First Notice.” Subsequent absences will result in prosecution. After a parent receives a First Notice, the school district will contact the parent/guardian to discuss and develop a plan to improve the child’s attendance.

    Unlawful absences are a summary offense addressed under the Pennsylvania Public School Code Compulsory Attendance Law amended by Act 138 of 2016. 

    Truant students must appear at a hearing before the district justice and stand to lose their driver’s licenses for 90 days (first offense) or six months (second offense). Students who do not have a driver’s license would be ineligible to apply for a learner’s permit for one year.

    Parents who cannot show they took reasonable steps to ensure a child’s school attendance face a fine of $300, mandatory parent education classes, and/or community service.

    Parents who assist in student truancy face a $300 fine for the first offense, up to $500 per offense for the second offense, and up to $750 per offense for a third and any subsequent offenses. Failure to pay a fine or complete court-ordered activities could result in the court jailing a parent for up to three (3) days.