Career Development

  • Vocational & Career Development Services

    Work Experience Program

    This program offers students the opportunity to gain both hard and soft employment skills in an increasingly challenging world of work. Students who are able to obtain employment can attend classes for part of the day while maintaining part time employment during a portion of the school day. Ideally, the employment opportunity is consistent with the vocational plans of the student but this is not a requirement. Occasional employer site visits may be made by the school staff to monitor students’ performance. Required paperwork is attained from the guidance department.

    Internship Program

    Conestoga Valley High School offers an internship program that allows high school students to gain introductory skills and knowledge in a certain profession. Student interns participate with a specific company, firm, or other organization and will be assigned to one or several types of work environments under the guidance of a site supervisor.

    A minimum of six (6) hours per week is required (54 hours – .5 credit, 108 hours – 1.0 credit, 216 hours – 2.0 credits) and all internships must be secured with completed paperwork and clearances PRIOR to the start of the marking period.

    Working Papers   

    The employment of minors under age 18 in any occupation where work is done for compensation of any kind is regulated by the Child Labor Law. Each student under age 18 wishing for full- or part-time employment must apply for an employment certificate prior to starting work. All certification is handled through the Career Center.

    State law restricts the type work that may be performed by students. A listing of those occupations is available at the Career Center. Parents and employers are encouraged to check this list before committing employment to a school-age child. Two types of certificates are available. They are:

    • Vacation Employment Certificates: These permits are issued to students aged 14-15 who plan to work at times when they are not required to be in attendance at school.
    • Transferable General/Vacation Work Permit: For students 16-18 who request either general or vacation employment. Only one permit issued. The permit moves with the student to new employment.

    To apply for a permit, the applicant must present his/her birth certificate at the time of application. The applicant’s parent must be present at the time the application is filed. The proper forms are then processed. The applicant must obtain the signature of the proposed employer and receive a physical examination performed by a Medical Doctor (no Chiropractor signatures will be approved) prior to receiving his certificate.

    Career Planning Services         

    CV offers a very comprehensive career awareness/development program to all secondary students. The Counseling Office in the high school provides a comprehensive collection of all types of information on careers and post high school opportunities. Appointments are recommended. Some of the services available include:

    1. Career information—Current specific data on thousands of jobs are available.
    2. Student Interest Survey—Students who provide personal and academic information to the computer receive a listing of all jobs for which they are qualified.
    3. College Information—Very detailed information is available on institutions of higher learning.
    4. Scholarship Information—The computer provides sources to contact for scholarship or financial assistance.
    5. Job placement—Limited job placement services are available to the student and area employers through their school counselor. This service includes part-time placement during the school year and vacations, as well as full-time placement.
    6. Job observation—Many students who have career objectives have no working knowledge of what really happens on a daily basis on the job. Through cooperation with area employers, students may spend time in the workplace observing persons in their selected field of interest. Following the period of observation, students are better able to make appropriate career decisions.
    7. Individual Counseling: A full-time staff is available in the Guidance Office to work with students on an individual basis, and parents are encouraged to come with their child.
    8. Transition Program: Services and supports for students with IEPs offer transitional activities, job training, placement, agency and community connections, and post-secondary information.

    Working papers are available in the Guidance Office and on the high school website. Call 717-399-8291 for hours.

    Lancaster County Career and Technology Center

    The Lancaster County Career and Technology Center provides unique opportunities for hands-on skills training combined with academic learning in a wide variety of vocational programs across three main campuses. CVHS juniors are permitted to attend LCCTC part-time (four credits), and seniors may attend LCCTC full-time.

    CVHS offers tours of LCCTC facilities for interested students. See the Student Activities Calendar on the CV website for specific dates, times and locations.