Bus Riding

  • Bus Riding Regulations

    Bus Assignments

    • Students may ride only on their assigned bus and get on/off only at their assigned stop.
    • Requests to transport students to or from locations other than your home will be considered only if in your attendancearea and if space is available.
    • Annual requests for permanent bus changesmust be submitted on a Transportation Request Form available at each school. Requests must be filed by July 10 and are valid for only one year.
    • Emergency exceptions to bus assignments may be made by building principals. Requests for non-emergency reasons (overnight visits with a friend, scout meetings, shopping, etc.) will not be accepted. Telephone requests will be taken for emergency only.  All permission slips must be signed by the principal—parent notes will not be accepted by drivers.
    • Due to mechanical difficulty or other problems, a different bus driver or bus number may pick up your child.


    Bus Riding Rules & Regulations

    Conestoga Valley School District transports students each day to and from school. In order for this to be accomplished as safely and effectively as possible, students and parents need to work cooperatively with the school district. Students are expected to behave properly. Any student whose behavior interferes with the safety of other students may be denied transportation services. In such cases, it then becomes the responsibility of the parent/guardian to transport their student to and from school.

    To maintain appropriate behavior expectations, please adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

    1. Students transported shall ride assigned buses at all times, unless there is written notification given to the appropriate school office and approval is given by school administrators.
    2. Students should only board their bus at their assigned stop. Students should plan to arrive at their bus stop at least 5 minutes in advance. If the bus is delayed, students are expected to wait 30 minutes, weather
    3. Students need to observe school rules for expected behavior and be respectful for property while waiting at the bus stop. Those expectations include staying a safe distance off roads and waiting until the bus completely stops before boarding, as well as the use of personal electronic devices under policy 239.1.
    4. School bus drivers are responsible for maintaining safe behavior on the bus. In order to maintain safe bus behavior the school district expects students will be respectful and cooperative with their bus driver. Assigned seating may be necessary. Also, know that when space is needed, three students to a seat may be
    5. Students may not bring objects onto the bus that cannot safely fit on their lap. Students cannot block the aisles.
    6. Students need to refrain from loud talking and from inappropriate language.
    7. Students must always have driver permission to open windows and may not place any part of their body outside the window.
    8. Students must remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and then exit when directed by the driver. In an emergency situation students are expected to exit in an orderly fashion under the direction of the bus driver.
    9. When boarding or exiting the bus students should always cross the street in front of the bus) and wait until the driver motions that it is safe to cross the street.
    10. Kindergarten students are permitted to get off the bus with other children and/or older siblings at the end of the day without an adult present. However, if a kindergarten student is the only child at an afternoon stop, a parent or other responsible person must be present and visible. If no one is present the student will be taken back to school.
    11. For safety reasons, please remember to address parent concerns regarding student behavior through your building office. For bus stop, route questions or driver issues please contact the transportation department at 717-656-2601. Do not discuss issues with the bus driver at the bus stop.

    Emergency Drills

    School bus evacuation drills are held periodically so that pupils know exactly what to do in case of emergency. Bus riders are asked to cooperate fully with the bus driver and the assigned helpers.  Absolute silence must be observed.  Students must follow the drivers’ specific instructions.

    Video Cameras Record Student Behavior on Buses

    Conestoga Valley buses may monitor student behavior with a video camera with audio activated whenever the bus is in operation.  The video may be used as part of the disciplinary process.

    School Activities

    There are no busing services available to students who participate in after-school activities. Parents are responsible for transportation.

    For information on bus stops and schedules, call 717-656-2603.