Bus Riding

  • The Conestoga Valley School District believes the school bus/van transportation is an extension of the classroom and building rules apply.

    Bus Assignments

    • Students may ride only on their assigned bus and get on/off only at their assigned stop.
    • Requests to transport students to or from locations other than their home will be considered only if in your attendance area and if space is available.
    • Students who change their residence within the CV district boundaries must document this change at the school building with proof of residency. See “change of address (page 73).” Changes in bus assignments require five (5) days to implement.
    • Emergency exceptions to bus assignments may be made by building principals. Requests for non-emergency reasons (overnight visits with a friend, scout meetings, shopping, etc.) will not be accepted. Telephone requests will be taken for emergencies only. 
    • All permission slips must be signed by an administrator. Parent notes will not be accepted by drivers.
    • Due to mechanical difficulties or other problems, a different bus driver or bus number may pick up your child.

    Bus Riding Rules & Regulations

    Conestoga Valley School District (CVSD) transports students each day to and from school. CVSD contracts with transportation providers to transport students each day to and from school. The current transportation contracts include: Brightbill Transportation, Faithful Transportation, and neighboring school districts. In order for this transportation to be accomplished as safely and effectively as possible, students and parents need to work cooperatively with the school district. Students are expected to demonstrate safety, be respectful, and be responsible while on district-provided transportation. Any student whose behavior interferes with the safety of other students may be denied transportation services. See action code #45 in Appendix A: Discipline Decision-Making Guide where applicable. In such cases, it then becomes the responsibility of the parent/guardian to transport their student to and from school.

    Each building principal has an important responsibility with respect to student transportation. Health and safety factors are the principal’s concern since he/she is the first to feel the impact of any deviation. Student behavior on the school bus is the principal’s responsibility since infractions are referred to his/her office. Any student causing a disorder on the school bus must be reported by the driver to the student’s building principal. The principal/administrator will work cooperatively with parents, students, the transportation supervisor, and the bus driver. The principal will decide whether or not punishment is necessary in every case. When it is necessary, only the principal will administer discipline.

    To maintain appropriate behavior expectations, please adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

    1. Kindergarten students are permitted to get off the bus with other children and/or older siblings at the end of the day without an adult present. However, if a kindergarten student is the only child at an afternoon stop, a parent or other responsible person must be present and visible. If no one is present, the student will be taken back to school.
    2. For safety reasons, please remember to address parent concerns regarding student behavior through your building office. For bus stop, route questions, or driver issues, please contact the transportation department at 717-656-2601. Do not discuss issues with the bus driver at the bus stop.

    Emergency Drills

    School bus evacuation drills are held periodically so that students know exactly what to do in case of emergency. Students are asked to cooperate fully with the bus driver and the assigned helpers. Absolute silence must be observed. Students must follow the drivers’ specific instructions.

    Video Cameras Record Student Behavior on Buses

    Conestoga Valley School District student transportation vehicles are equipped with audio and video recording equipment to monitor student behavior whenever the vehicle is in operation. The video may be used as part of the disciplinary process.

    School Activities

    Conestoga Valley School District does not transport students home following any extracurricular activity. Parents/Guardians are responsible for transportation.

    For information on bus stops and schedules, call 717-656-2601.

    Bus Procedure: Student IDs Required

    Students are required to scan on and off the school bus using their CV Student ID Card. This process enables CV to account for all students as they board and exit a district vehicle on their way to/from CVSD.

    • K-8 grade students are provided with a lanyard and scannable personal ID card at the start of the school year.
    • 9-12 grade students are expected to retain ID cards until new ID cards are issued following picture day in the fall. 
    • New students will receive a scannable ID card within their first week of school. 
    • Updated ID cards are provided to all students following picture day in the fall. 
    • Students who lose or damage their card should request a new card via the district website.  Note: There is a $2.00 charge for replacement cards.