Academic Requirements

  • Academic Requirements

    1. The academic performance of extracurricular participants will be monitored on a weekly basis. Students in grades 9-12 who fall below a 60 percent in more than one (1) class will be declared academically ineligible for the following week. Students in grades 7 and 8 who fall below 60 percent in more than two (2) core classes will be declared academically ineligible for the following week. Academic ineligibility means that the student will not be permitted to participate in any scheduled interscholastic athletic contest or event during the suspension period.
      1. Students will be required to seek academic help before and/or after school or during other available times as necessary
      2. Students will be given permission to seek additional academic help after school without penalty in their extracurricular activity provided they produce valid documentation regarding the help session
      3. Students may be permitted to practice with their team or group during the period of academic ineligibility in accordance with items 1 and 2 above
      4. Students will not be permitted to dress in uniform for any interscholastic athletic contest or game during the suspension period
      5. Students may be permitted to travel with the team or group to any official contest or event with administrative approval
    2. Academic eligibility is determined each Friday by 11 a.m. The period of suspension runs from the Sunday immediately following that Friday until the next Sunday
    3. Students on academic suspension of three (3) or more consecutive weeks during the season may be dismissed from the activity by the head coach, advisor, or administration
    4. The student, the student’s parents or guardians, teachers, the head coach or advisor, the school administration, and the counseling department will all be notified in writing by the athletic director/administrative assistant to the athletic director of the student’s suspension or probation
    5. According to PIAA regulations, if a student’s grades are not passing minimum standards at the end of the marking period, that student will be placed on suspension for a period of 15 school days at the start of the next marking period. This suspension begins on the first day report cards are issued
    6. Academic performance will be regarded as continuous from one year to the next and from middle school to high school. At the end of the school year, the student’s final credits in his subjects rather than his/her credits for the last grading period shall be used to determine his/her eligibility for the next grading period
    7. Students whose work does not meet minimum standards but who attend summer school and correct their deficiencies, shall be eligible