Team/Club Membership

  • Team/Club Membership

    Students are expected to accept the rules, regulations and responsibilities that are unique to their selected extracurricular program(s). Students are expected to willingly accept these obligations as condition for membership on any teams/clubs.

    1. Earning a Varsity Letter

      1. Completion of the sports season, including post-season, playoffs and exhibitions is required to earn a varsity letter or be eligible for other team or individual awards.
      2. Exceptions to this rule will include medically excused absences and extenuating circumstances approved by the head coach and/or administration.
      3. Students who quit or are removed from extracurricular activities for disciplinary reasons during the season are not eligible to earn a varsity letter or other awards for that season.

    2. School Transportation: When provided, students shall use school transportation for travel to and from away activities. Exceptions to school transportation include:
      1. Injury requiring alternate transportation.
      2. Prior arrangement made in writing between the participant’s parent/guardian and the athletic director/adviser for the student to ride with the parent/guardian of those specified by the parents. When the parent/guardian is present at the activity, they may verbally inform the coach or adviser that they are taking their child with them.

    3. Equipment

      1. All equipment/uniforms issued to participants are considered to be the property of Conestoga Valley School District and as such must be returned at the conclusion of the season.
      2. Equipment/uniforms must be returned according to the directions and conditions set forth by the head coach/adviser or their designee.
      3. Equipment/uniforms must be maintained in good condition and if lost, stolen, or damaged become student obligations. All extracurricular obligations must be met prior to students being permitted to participate in the next season’s activities.

    4. Removal/Quitting

      1. An athlete may not quit one sport or club and participate in another after the first two weeks of practice without the consent of the athletic director or building administration.
      2. A student suspended from a team may not practice in another sport or activity until the present sport/activity is ended unless approved by the athletic director and administration.

    5. Participation in Multiple Activities: Student-athletes who wish to participate in more than one sport during the same season must obtain prior approval from the athletic director and administration. Approval of coaches/advisors is required for students who wish to participate in one sport and/or one or more extracurricular activities occurring at the same time. (Administrative approval is not required in these cases.)

    6. Issues and Concerns: When in the course of participating in extracurricular activities a student has a question or experiences a problem regarding team or club rules and/or the decisions of the coach/adviser, they should make arrangements to meet with the coach/adviser privately at a mutually agreeable time to discuss the matter. If issues of this nature are not resolved, the matter should be referred to the athletic director (for sports-related issues) or middle school or high school principal.