Health Services

  • Introduction to Health Services

    CV provides a staff of school nurses and health room nurses in each building. These staff members coordinate state-mandated health programs and are available to handle illness and injury occurring while the child is in school. In addition to providing health room services, the nurses serve as resources to the classroom teacher and community on health-related issues.

    All students will receive routine health services unless a parent/guardian submits to the building nurse a written notification of refusal for treatment. Please note that the results of the yearly health screenings will be available on the Parent Portal once results are obtained. If you have any questions, please contact your school nurse.

    Attention Parents!

    Do Not Send Ill Children to School!

    Please do not send your child to school if ill. The school will not provide diagnostic services nor will they allow your child to spend the day in the health room. Likewise, do not expect the nurse to treat/diagnose injuries or illness which occur at home. In both situations, the nurse will contact you and expect you to provide appropriate care including coming for your child.

    School Safety: In cases where the principal, counselor, or nurse feels that a child's health or safety is threatened or is a threat to others, they will immediately contact the parent to refer to appropriate community resources. They may also refer to the home/school visitor for any necessary resources.

    Parents Responsible for Transportation: Car or Ambulance

    School personnel are not permitted to transport ill students for any reason. If your child becomes ill or injured in school, you will be contacted and will be expected to make arrangements for transportation home or to a medical facility. In the event that you cannot be reached, the school may call an ambulance at your expense. Also, in the event of an emergency, the school nurse may call an ambulance before notifying parents/guardian if the nurse feels this action is appropriate.

    State-Mandated Services: The state-mandated program requires physical exams for entry to school and at Grades 6 and 11. Dental exams are required for school entry and in Grades 3 and 7. CV recommends that these exams be performed by the family physician/dentist on forms provided by the school. In addition, vision, height, weight, and body mass index are checked annually. Scoliosis and hearing screenings are completed at intervals required by the state. Forms can be downloaded at

    Health Clinic Services Not Available in School: The primary function of school health services is preventative in nature. Through classroom presentations and health screening activities, nurses try to teach sound health habits and to detect health problems early. Health room care is available for students who become ill or are injured while in school. Please do not expect the school to handle sickness or injury occurring outside of the school day.

    *If students become ill or injured during the school day, they must report to the nurse’s office for evaluation. Students are not permitted to call home from cell phones for parents to pick them up. 

    Special Medical Services: Special medical services may be handled on an individual basis by contacting the nurse.  Parents are expected to provide special equipment. 

    Immunization Law: Students are required by law to have immunizations up to date with all requirements met within the first five school days of a new school year. Exceptions to this law would be for medical reasons documented by your healthcare provider or religious/moral beliefs. Contact your school nurse if you have questions about immunizations.  Low cost immunizations can be obtained at the PA State Health Center at 1661 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster (717-299-7597). Also, the Lancaster General Hospital’s ChildProtect Program offers immunizations free of charge to persons who are without insurance coverage for immunizations. Information regarding ChildProtect can be obtained by calling 544-3138.

    Varicella (chicken pox) is a reportable disease in Pennsylvania. Please notify the school nurse if you suspect your child has chicken pox.

    Head Lice: While our school district does not routinely screen for head lice, the school nurses will help families to understand the treatment process which will help to eliminate this problem. School nurses will check other students as needed based on nursing judgment. Contact your school nurse for additional information concerning this issue or visit