Medication Administration

  • Parents/guardians have the primary responsibility for the health of their children. As a rule, and if at all possible, medication should be taken at home. In the event that a medication needs to be administered during the school day, the parent/guardian must provide the following information:

    For students requiring daily prescription medications:

    • Written instructions/permission from a healthcare provider
    • Written permission from the parent/guardian

    For students requiring temporary over-the-counter medications:

    • Written permission from the parent/guardian

    All medications must be in their original, labeled container. The nurse will supply a medication order form as needed. The form may also be downloaded at

    For their safety, students are prohibited from carrying any controlled substance medications (such as Ritalin, Adderall, or narcotic pain relievers) at any time. Parents/guardians are required to deliver these medications to school personnel in the properly labeled prescription container. Students must deliver any temporary medication to the school nurse upon arrival to the building.

    Administering Non-Prescription Medications (Over-the Counter):

    Non-prescription medications will be administered by the school nurse with:

    • Written permission from the parent/guardian on the annual health data sheet; the health data sheet is electronic and can be found in the Parent Portal for annual completion.
    • Written orders from our school physician


    1. Inhalers – Students may self-carry emergency inhalers with written permission from the healthcare provider and the parent/guardian. Students using inhalers during the school day must report to the nurse’s office for evaluation immediately following use.
    2. Emergency Medication -- Students may self-carry life-saving medications with written permission from the healthcare provider and the parent/guardian.

    Please notify the school nurse of any medication changes throughout the year.