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    Welcome to the Conestoga Valley School District COVID-19 News Update Center, a dedicated space on our district website designed to keep parents, staff, and the entire CV community informed about the potential effects of COVID-19.


    While the impact the virus may have on our schools is still unknown, we know that you and others may have questions.  We have created this centralized hub of updates and links to additional resources, including policies and resources such as links to the PA Department of Health and the CDC.

    (Data Current as of 3:15 p.m. on Jan. 26, 2022) 

    BROWNSTOWN (10) 3 105
    FRITZ (14) 3 126
    LEOLA (8) 3 45
    SMOKETOWN (12) 6 47
    MIDDLE SCHOOL (14) 3 96
    HIGH SCHOOL (28) 7 226
    TOTAL 26 653


    Number of Active Cases and Number of Total Cases (updated Jan. 19, 2022):

    We are continually tracking the number of active positive cases at each building.  With the recent decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court State issued on December 10, 2021, the wearing of masks by all students, faculty and staff in CV buildings is optional.  At the January 18, 2022 School Board meeting, the Board re-approved the District’s Health and Safety Plan.  Additionally, the Board set a 2% threshold for each building (number in parentheses for each building) over a five-day rolling average.  Once an individual building meets the threshold of active cases, the building would shift to a two-week wearing of face coverings. We will continue to list the number of positive cases; those cases where a positive case has been confirmed and the individual has not yet been cleared to return to school.  As we did last year while following PDE guidance, we will count positive cases of family members in one household who are in the same school as one case for that school.  Once the individual(s) returns to school, they will be taken out of the “active cases” count but will remain as part of the cumulative total.  Per Board approval, the District will follow the CDC/DOH updated guidelines regarding isolation.  See letter from Superintendent dated January 11, 2022.

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