Communications from Principal Michelle Trasborg

  • Reopening Plan

    Greetings Fritz Families!

    This email is to provide you with additional information which supplements the Health and Safety Plan presented and approved at Monday night's board meeting.  The information provided in this video and documents has been shared and approved by Dr. Zuilkoski and created in conjunction with other CV principals.

    Please watch this video which provides the four options for Fritz Families for the fall.  Also, please take a look at the two attached documents. One is additional notes on the Fritz in-person option. The other document is a FAQ with links for CVVA--CV's Virtual Academy. CVVA is much different than the online learning students completed in the fall and requires parents to take an even more active role as learning coaches.  Jennifer Krouse @ is the CVVA coordinator who can assist with questions related to this option. 

    Over the next few days, please review the information and ask questions as needed. Feel free to contact the Fritz office or me directly via email. I will respond to email and phone calls within 24 hours. 

    This is truly a challenging time for all of us, and I've never been more pleased to be a part of  the Fritz family.  We will continue to partner and work with all of our families throughout this process. 

    Take Care,

    Michelle Trasborg
    Fritz Principal


    Fritz Reopening Plan

    Covid-19 Safety Song

    Greetings Fritz  Families,

    Fritz Elementary has a proud tradition of singing to support our school culture.  Whether it is "Force for Kindness" or our "Bus Safety Song", we use music to promote positive messages and build community through sing-alongs. It's often a favorite part of our First Friday Assemblies!

    We wanted you all to have a special piece of Fritz with you during quarantine, so third grade teacher Sean Campbell teamed up with his co-writer, Danielle Sternberg.  They rewrote the "Bus Safety Song"  to make it the "Covid-19 Safety Song".  I've attached the lyrics as well as a recording for your family to enjoy.  The students should recognize the music. 

    Thanks to both teachers for their efforts!  A special thanks to Mr. Campbell for the attached recording file!

    We hope this little piece of Fritz is a comfort to families during this difficult time. 


    COVID-19 Safety Song Lyrics


    COVID-19 Safety Song Audio  


    Week 2

    Greetings Fritz Families,

    Hopefully you had a bit of time to enjoy the beautiful weekend. It was truly gorgeous weather! I went off the grid a bit myself this weekend to recharge and am ready for Week Two of Online Learning!!!


    Last week we had the opportunity to dip our toes in the waters of ONLINE LEARNING.  Teachers AND families are navigating new programs and ways of learning that we have NEVER used before.  The learning curve is STEEP—but we did it—and it will keep getting better!  Yes, there may have been some frustrations, but the end of the week was much smoother than the beginning.  😊


    Highlights from WEEK 1:

    1. SIGNIFICANT increases in student participation as the week progressed.
    2. Approximately 200 devices were distributed to families.
    3. Tech Dept. Hotline of 717-399-1551 established or @Helpdesk for technical support.
    4. Creation of Fritz Online Resource Page
    5. Creation of Principal Trasborg Communication Page
    6. Many students participated in Online Spirit Week.
    7. Forty-five ZOOM class meetings!
    8. Students learned how to use ZOOM, Google Classroom, SEE SAW.


    Plans for WEEK 2

    1. School in session 4/6-4/9.
    2. NO SCHOOL on 4/10 or 4/13.
    3. Teachers are working to consolidate communication with families to make communication easier and simpler.
    4. Look for more ZOOM Special Classes—Art, Music, and “Living Room” Phys. Ed.
    5. Twenty-Six teachers have ZOOM classes scheduled throughout the week of 4/6.  The students are loving seeing their friends and teachers!
    6. Kindergarten Read Aloud w/ Mrs. Trasborg 4/7 @ 10:00 AM.
    7. More creative, engaging learning opportunities!


    Fritz Families—know that we are in this together!  Do as much as you can and reach out to your child(ren)’s teachers for help.  We are here to support you and are committed to helping our Fritzers continue to grow. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with feedback. Have a great week!


    Michelle Trasborg

    Principal, Fritz Elementary


    Halfway Through Week 1

    Greetings Fritz Families,

    I hope this email finds you healthy and safe during this challenging time.  It’s hard to believe it’s April 1 already—Fritz daffodils are blooming and Spring allergies are right around the corner.   I miss standing outside at bus duty and greeting your kiddos in the AM and sending them home in the afternoon.  Their smiling faces and hugs are so uplifting.  Please know that they are greatly missed!

    I’ve been receiving a few questions this week, and I’d like to take this opportunity to respond to the entire Fritz community. In addition to this communication, my emails are housed at for your reference.  Email is overwhelming many, myself included. 😊


    Technology Access:

    At Fritz elementary we’ve been working on making sure that families have access to devices, Wi-Fi, and student enrichment activities. We’ve loaned out almost ALL of our technology devices in an effort to support families who don’t have devices or have multiple students in need of online access.  The feedback has been very positive.  Thanks to the tech team and the few teachers that were able to help distribute.

    • If you have issues with technology devices,  contact CV Technology Department @ 717-397-1991
    • If you have issues with class logins, navigation of websites or access to learning platforms, please contact the teacher.
    • Please do NOT call Fritz elementary for technology related questions.


    Building Access:

    Because of Governor Wolf’s Stay at Home order, Dr. Zuilkoski has asked that no one except “essential personnel” enter the building.  J. E. Fritz Elementary has been deeply sanitized, and we do not want to contaminate any additional areas with germs.  All student AND teacher materials are safe and will eventually be reunited with their owners!  We hope you understand and appreciate the need for this extra precaution.



            NO SCHOOL 4/10 and 4/13.  No other calendar-related decisions have been made at this point.

            All FRITZ PTO events are cancelled for the remainder of the year including the Little Caesar's fundraiser.


    Online Learning:

    This was the WEEK 1 of ONLINE LEARNING. The student engagement has been extremely positive.  We have received videos, pictures, writing, artwork, math problems, and creative projects.  It’s been incredible!  Teachers are providing feedback to all submissions.  Consider following us on Twitter @FritzElementary to see some samples. The students especially seem to enjoy the ZOOM sessions where they can connect with their teachers and friends.  Going forward we will be introducing additional opportunities for online Special Zoom classes. Imagine having Mr. Swift running a Phys. Ed. class in your very own living room! I can’t wait to join myself! 😊


    Now for the big question parents are asking: Do my kids have to do this work?

    • Simple answer: None of the work is mandatory—It is encouraged.
    • The week of March 30-April 3 is REVIEW. We wanted to give parents/students a chance to get used to the online format and the tools. 
    • April 6-April 9 we will begin introducing some new material to help the students continue learning grade level content.
      • Help your children engage in as much learning as makes sense for your family.
      • We understand that different families will engage in different ways, and we will support whatever amount of work your children can do.
    • Fritz staff is committed to helping students continue to grow academically.
    • School IS in session.   


    Many of the websites are struggling with the increased amount of usage, and this can be VERY frustrating. We are working to navigate these sites with you and will make every effort to help in as timely a manner as possible.  Please note the office hours for your child(ren)’s teachers.  They will respond to you within 24 hours and will help as much as possible. Please be patient with them.  They have completely transformed their teaching to online platforms, and I have been EXTREMELY impressed by the amazing work of the Fritz teachers. To help with communication and website access, you will find Fritz’s online resources and building communication available on our website @


    I’d like to end with a THANK YOU to all of you for what you are doing at home.  Many of you are home with lots of little people trying to navigate jobs, child care, health issues, and other stressors.  THANK YOU for trying to engage academically with your child.  We see what you’re doing—and we support you!  Even if it’s one or two activities a day or a few a week, we encourage you to do what you can.  You are your child’s best teacher—thanks for being there for them!


    As always, I am just an email or a phone call away.  Don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Week of March 30 to April 3
    March 28, 4 p.m.

    Greetings Fritz Families,


    On Friday, Dr. Zuilkoski sent an email explaining that on Monday, March 30, teachers would be sharing more robust, grade level specific resources and activities for your child(ren). This news may be welcoming to some and overwhelming to others.  We understand completely.  These are difficult times and families are being faced with unprecedented challenges and unknowns. This constant change requires us to re-evaluate and evolve--a very stressful experience for many. 


    Fritz teachers and staff are committed to do everything we can to help our students continue to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  During the week of March 30-April 3, the online learning will focus on REVIEW materials.  Use this first online week to establish a schedule, figure out online access, and maybe even get the kids to clean their rooms! Beginning April 6, we hope to move forward with new instruction.  In order for this all to happen, it is so important for you to communicate with your child(ren)’s teacher.  They are excited to make this happen and have fun with your kids, too! 


    Fritz’s plan for Online Learning communication is as follows:

    • By Monday at 8:00 AM, every family should receive an email from classroom teachers explaining how resources will be shared on a weekly basis.  If you do not receive an email by 8:00 AM Monday morning, please contact the school at 717-397-5246.
    • Teachers will have three posted office hours each school day when they are available for a phone call, ZOOM session, or email.  In addition, teachers will be providing virtual feedback, planning, and coordinating instruction. 
    • Fritz website will (VERY SOON) have a NEW Online Learning Landing Page which will house grade level tabs, teacher letters, and other Fritz information. We are working as quickly as possible to get that up and running for families.
    • Families—please me know how we are doing!  Email me or call 717-397-5246 ext. 4002 to provide feedback. Your insight will help us work better, together.


    Thank you for the commitment to your child(ren)’s learning and growth.  Through working together, we can partner to find the right balance of academic challenge, fun, and growth without overwhelming families. We also appreciate the grace and understanding you are extending as we work to shift to our new model of instruction. Our thoughts are with you—we miss our Fritzers!


    Online Learning/Device Distribution
    March 25, 2 p.m.

    Greeting Fritz Families,


    I hope this email finds you and your families well during this challenging time. As you know, last week and this week Conestoga Valley provided resources for families to explore while school is not in session. Fritz faculty and staff have been busy reaching out and making connections with students this week.  Teachers and families have shared pictures, videos, physical challenges, and musical activities across their grade levels.  SOOO fun!


    Have you had contact with your child’s teacher this week?

    All of our Fritz teachers have reached out to their students this week. If you have NOT connected with your child’s teacher this week, please call Fritz Elementary at your earliest convenience.  It is very important that we have correct contact information from you so that teachers can continue to connect and reach out with resources and activities in the weeks ahead, should physical school buildings remain shuttered.  While we are working from home, the Fritz office phones connect to our cell phones,  and we can take calls.  Danette Griener, my administrative assistant, and I are working every day. 😊


    Online Learning Options

    Starting next week, Fritz teachers will begin sharing grade level specific optional activities and resources for their students. Because of the Governor’s directives, we are unable to provide physical resources and will be sharing materials online.  In order to begin planning for this, last week teachers contacted families and conducted a survey asking about device access.  If you responded that you have a device need, 1st-6th grade teachers will be reaching out to you today, 3/25, with a scheduled time for you to come in to pick up a device on Thursday, 3/26.  If you did not respond yet, but have need of a tech device for students to use for online access, please contact your child’s teacher immediately.


    Device Pick Up for Students in Grades 1-6

    We apologize for the quick turn around, but we want to get devices in the hands of students as soon as possible if families indicated there is a need.  Directives from the Governor change daily, and we may have a small window to make this happen. We will hand out all devices in a "drive through" manner.  Families will drive into the front  bus loop at Fritz and plan to pick up devices without exiting the car. If you have children in multiple grades, please arrive during the youngest child’s pick-up time. Please bring your student IDs, if possible.  Any 5th or 6th grader who did not previously pick up devices may also do so during this time. 


    Internet Access

    If you need assistance with internet access Here is the link for the Map to free/available wifi hot-spots for anyone who may not have internet at home. Many of our families will find that “Xfinity Wifi” (Link for Full MAP) is able to be picked up from their “neighbors” and can connect to this for internet.  Comcast is providing access free of charge, see this link.  Additionally, Comcast is providing their Essentials internet package for free through the end of April.  This may take time to get scheduled and setup for each family, but it is certainly an option.


    As always, please feel free to contact me with questions. I am just an email away.



    A Video Message from Principal Michelle Trasborg
    March 21