Communications from Dr. Graybill


    Update from Dr. Graybill - 4/5

    Dear BT Families,

    Thank you for your patience and perseverance as we made it through our first week of more intentional learning in this "new normal".  Please continue to reach out to your child's teacher to let them know how it is going for you and your student(s).  We are here to support in any way!


    Tech Support: Support for a student's device is available in several ways.  The first way is to email which will create a support ticket in the support center for the team to address.  The second way is to call the support center at 717-399-1551 and have a ticket submitted.  *As always, you can reach out to your child's teacher or me and we will assist as well to get your issue resolved. 


    Counselor Support: Check out the 2nd Counselor Newsletter with important info and a link where you can specifically connect to let us know how your children are doing.


    BT Web Page: The School Web Page now has links to teacher letters explaining important information specific to the class format during this time.  If you are like me, your email inbox has been in overload mode the past several weeks.  We are striving to be mindful of this and know it can be challenging particularly with families with multiple students.


    BT Twitter Link:


    BT FACEBOOK Staying in touch LInk:  

    Consider being a part of the private Brownstown Staying in Touch Facebook Group.  This has been such a blessing to see the positive posts and great things happening each day.  Of course we long for the day when we will all be back together at the building, but this is certainly forcing us to be creative in how we collaborate with one another and maintain connections.    


    Thanks for all of your efforts!  Keep up the great work!

    Dr. Graybill 


    Important Info From Brownstown Elementary
    March 29


    This email includes lots of important information, however I'm choosing to put it all in one message to avoid multiple emails to start the week. Thanks for your ongoing support during this time. 


    1. Online Lessons/Activities: By tomorrow morning you will receive communication from your child's teacher regarding activities for the week.  We want to promote meaningful learning, but our intention is not to create added stress.  For the first two weeks of this crisis, districts needed to proceed slowly with regard to online learning.  We did not want to violate any laws for a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) as we know that some of our families do not have internet access and we had no clear path for providing special education support during this time.  Since then we were given more freedom to provide learning opportunities to our students and families.  The ideas you will see this week are OPTIONAL and UNGRADED.  For this week the focus is on enrichment and review.  As parents, you can require anything you wish, especially chores! :) I just want you to know that from the school point of view we understand that the ability to make this learning happen is unique to every family situation.  I encourage you to designate a portion of your child's day for reading, writing, math, creativity & physical activity but please know that we understand the ability of all families to fully participate will vary.  "Balance Is Best!" You can expect to receive at least one weekly email from teachers in addition to 1-2 Zoom Meeting invites.  As we navigate this process we will continue to do our best to make this as easy and coherent for parents/students to navigate.  We realize you didn't sign up to home-school your children.  I have teachers who are working from home and also have to care for young children or monitor learning so we are all in this together.


    2. ART/MUSIC/PE/LIBRARY: Our specialists collaborated to create one single link (below) which teachers will add to their info being sent out to families so you can find it in ONE place. I am proud of the work all of our teachers completed in a very short time.


    3. Counseling Support: Please see the important newsletter (link below) developed by our counseling team.  (Mrs. Young & Mrs. Peck--Counselors and Mrs. Weidner--School Psychologist).  **There is an important survey link at the beginning of the newsletter to provide feedback for your children are doing so that we can provide helpful support if interested.


    4. KIDS HEART CHALLENGE!  See the attached letter from Mrs. Krebs with info about this event.  It only seems fitting that on March 13th as we were notified that school was being shut down for a period of time we had teachers and students jumping their hearts out to raise money (A new BT Record) for a worthwhile cause.  We are always at our best when engaged in service to others. 


    5. CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Great News!  We were informed on Friday that School Construction Crews can begin work again.  Of course we are thankful to see the project continue but more than anything to see a small return to normalcy with these guys being allowed to work.   


    Given the governor's recent order, the CV teacher parade scheduled this week is cancelled. CV Virtual Spirit Week is still on though!


    I know this email was packed.  Thanks for hanging in there. As with everything, this process is fluid, one week at a time, and we appreciate your feedback along the way. Please know that the teachers, staff and administrative team are here to support you.  You can continue to contact me via email or phone @ 717-656-6021 ext 3002.  I will return any phone messages with 24 hours. 


    Best wishes for good health, safety and blessings even in the midst of these challenges!