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    Back to School Update Letter from Dr. Zuilkoski

    Click here to read a letter from Superintendent Dr. Zuilkoski regarding fall reopening plans for our buildings. 

    COVID-19 Update – April 26, 2020

     The high school continues to implement our “Continuity of Education” and make calendar adjustments during the COVID-19 closure of schools.  Please note the following:

    Marking Period 3 Grades:  MP3 grades have been processed and report cards can be viewed through the Community Portal.   This grade is the final numerical score for classes occurring in MP3 and Semester 2 classes.  

    Marking Period 4:  Again, please note we have suspended the use of traditional grades for MP4 and are now tracking student progress based on participation.  Faculty and staff have established standard criteria for participation and students will earn credit for MP4 and semester courses by putting forth an honest and full effort.  Note that all schoolwork and teacher expectations are found in Schoology.

    Graduation Requirements:  All students will earn credit for courses taken during the 4th Marking Period as long as they demonstrate successful participation.  These classes include yearlong, semester, and nine-week classes in a variety of subject areas. 

    GPA & Class Rank:  GPA scores for all classes will be based on grades earned up to and including the 3rd Marking Period.  Underclassmen (grades 10 & 11) course credits earned during the school closure (remember these courses will not have numerical grades) will still be used as part of the class rank formula.  A new weighted GPS class rank formula was adopted for the Class of 2023 earlier this year and will not be affected by the school closure changes.

    Return of School Items:  Planning continues for the return of school items such as laptops, uniforms, and other school materials.  The Governor’s directives regarding Pennsylvania’s phased-in easing of social distancing requirements will dictate our approach.

    Calendar of Special Events & Ceremonies:  The CVSD School Board has established that the final day of the 2019-20 school year will still be June 2 with graduation officially occurring on Friday, May 29, 2020.  We are still awaiting direction from the Governor’s Office as to what restrictions/changes may or may not be in place after May 8.  Until then, the Stay-At-Home order continues to be in effect.  The following are changes to events established at this time:

    Cancelled Events:  Spring musical & concerts, NHS Senior Night, Prom 2020 & MiniThon.

    Revised Events:

    Senior Athletic Awards Night and Senior Awards Night – These events will be changed into virtual/online presentations and will include all traditional awards and recognitions.  A hard copy program of both events will also be included.  Details as to when those events will be available for viewing will be shared out once established. 

    Commencement – Senior class officers continue to work with their class & commencement advisors and administration to work out necessary changes.  Our traditional ceremony is still on the books for Calvary Church on Friday, May 29, but it appears unlikely to go forward.  Thus far, the following revisions are in place:

    1. Virtual Commencement – This will be a virtual representation of our traditional program with video-based speeches, awards and the presentation of graduates. It is intended to be available for viewing @ 7:00 p.m., May 29.  A traditional hard copy commencement program will be made available to all graduates and their families.
    2. The Buckskin Farewell – Also, on Friday, May 29, diplomas will be distributed to the Class of 2020 as official recognition of their graduation from high school using a special car procession on the school campus. Details continue to be developed and will be shared when completed. 
    3. The Senior Slam – Senior class officers and school officials continue to develop plans for a summer event for graduates and their families assuming social distancing restrictions have been modified. Ideas include gathering in the stadium for fellowship, food and activities and a photo opportunity in cap & gowns.  Other ideas for the event continue to be considered.  The date reserved for this event is Friday, July 24, 2020. 




    April 6 & Beyond Education Plan Update

    We hope you continue to be healthy and safe during the COVID-19 Crisis.  Please keep up to date with the latest information from the state plus all kinds of educational resources using the COVID-19 Update Center on the district website.  We recently enhanced the high school page of the website with more specific information so please check it out.   

    This week, we open up with the third phase of our education plan during the school closure.  Beginning tomorrow, teachers will be basing educational activities on their Semester 2 and Marking Period 4 courses and all information for students will be found in Schoology under the names of those courses.  We are insisting on full participation by all students in this phase.  Although traditional grading will not be used, teachers will be providing feedback in many forms to check for understanding and to continue supporting students as needed.  Direct communication through Schoology and tools like virtual conferencing will be very important.  You can also email administrators, counselors and teachers with questions using the Staff Directory feature on the HS page.  It is found under the link titled "Our School."  

    Please remember that the high school campus and all district property continues to be closed except for essential personnel. 

    Together we will make it through this extraordinary situation.  Have a great week and stay CV Strong!



    COVID-19 Update

    We hope you are keeping safe and healthy during the COVID-19 crisis.  Please continue to check the link above for the COVID-19 News Update Center on the district website for the latest information including Superintendent Dr. Zuilkoski's latest communications.  


    The high school continues to implement the plan to offer a “Continuity of Education” during the COVID-19 closure of schools.  Please see the following clarifying points and updates:


    • Marking Period 3 Grades:  Teachers are working to submit grades for the 3rd Marking Period and will use Friday, March 13, as the final day of that period.  Teachers will exhibit maximum flexibility in determining those grades.  Extended time to complete MP3 material can be offered by teachers but our target date for final posting is Friday, April 3.
    • Week of March 30 – April 3:  High school students should continue to work on the subject specific activities and resources posted in Schoology under “Enrichment Courses.”  Teachers have invited students to join these courses and many have done so.  Teachers will be providing feedback to students for these educational activities rather than traditional grades and we strongly encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities. 
    • Beginning April 6 and Beyond:  High school teachers will transition from “Enrichment Courses” in Schoology to offering activities and resources in the specific courses already scheduled for the 4th Marking Period. Those courses will include existing Semester 2 courses and new quarter length classes that were set to begin in Marking Period 4.  These activities and resources will be found under their course title in Schoology and teachers will continue to assess and provide feedback related to student progress rather than using traditional grading.  Again, we strongly encourage full student participation by all students. 
    • Grades, GPA, Class Rank, Credits and Graduation Requirements:  Decisions on how grades, credits, GPA, class rank and graduation requirements will be impacted by the extraordinary circumstances of the school closure will continue to be evaluated by school officials and are not final at this time.  Our administration and school board will continue to work for solutions here within the parameters set by the Governor’s Office and the PA Department of Education.  Rest assured we are dedicated to maintaining students’ progress toward graduation and, in particular, are working to keep the Class of 2020 on track to receive their high school diplomas this spring.
    • Activities, Special Events & Ceremonies:  At the present time, it is clear that the indefinite closure of schools compromises all plans for extracurricular activities and Semester 2 special events and traditions.  We are currently working to assess whether these activities will be postponed/rescheduled, cancelled or offered in some other form.  We will update the school community at once as soon as we have definitive answers. 


     As Dr. Z has stressed, we must stay patient, remain flexible and do our part to keep everyone safe. 


     Thank you for your continued support.  We press on.