Mandated Health Services

  • dentist The Pennsylvania Public School Code requires certain school health services for all children of school age. For a specific grid outlining the mandated services, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health website.  


    More specifically, the state-mandated program requires physical exams for entry to school, grades 6 and 11. All students in Kindergarten through 12th grade will have a growth (height, weight, and BMI) and vision screening. Hearing screenings occur in Kindergarten through third grade, as well as in grades 7 and 11. Scoliosis screenings are completed in grades 6 and 7. Dental exams are required for school entry, grades 3 and 7


    Forms can be downloaded here


    Health screening results will be posted annually to the parent portal in Sapphire. If you prefer or require a paper copy of your child’s health screening results, please contact the certified school nurse in your student’s building. 


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