Honors Science Summer Assignments

Hello, Honors Science students! Below you will see what you must complete this summer in order to be prepared for your courses next school year.

  • Welcome to Honors Science at CVHS.  Here are several points to help you navigate the summer reading assignment:

    1) If you have any questions, email any science teacher or myself - we can help. My email is: dan_daneker@conestogavalley.org

    2) You are assigned to a folder in the Honors Science Summer Reading 2020 Schoology Course (Course Code: G9ZJ-9S43-GS693) which contains: directions, a book list, and submission folder (rubric) for the paper we are asking you to complete. Use this Schoology Course as a “one stop shop” for all your summer reading information. Notify us immediately if you do NOT see a folder with a course name title (ex: Honors Chemistry).

    3) The department is asking you to complete a summer reading (a book) and write a 750 – 1,250 word analysis and critique (an APA paper). This one (1) assignment will count as a 100 point summative assessment in each of your honors science classes.

    4) The book options in your assigned folder offer free and pay options as well as paper back and audible versions of the potential books you can experience this summer.

    5) If you are doubling up in Honors Science Classes, you have been assigned to one (1) folder (usually the higher grade level class) to select your book title and submit your paper. For example: if you are taking Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry, you will be in the Honors Chemistry Schoology folder. You will read one (1) book and complete one (1) paper.

    6) While you are welcome to submit your paper into your Schoology folder in the section titled “Summer Paper - Prompt, Rubric, and Submission Location” anytime over the summer, the final due date for all papers is by the 5th day of the 2020-21 school year. This is currently September 1, 2020 for both Fall and Spring Honors Science Classes.

    7) If you choose to drop Honors Science, you must notify your the School Counselor and Dr. Daneker before the end of this school year (2019-20) so we can fix your schedule for 2020-21. After the end of this school year, you will not be allowed to drop Honors Science classes unless extenuating circumstances exist. The School Counselors validate these circumstances – not the teachers.

    Thank you for your time and attention – happy reading!

    Dr. Daniel Daneker