The Learning Center: A Hub for Personal & Interpersonal Development

    • Each face-to-face, weekly experience focuses on personal and interpersonal development through safe & healthy relationships... (often missing in typical cyber-formats)
    • The Learning Center is a lounge-style hub for optional face-to-face engagement with CVVA learners, where a CV instructor & experienced aide supports your child’s academic & emotional growth.
    • These collaborative, small-group experiences can refine your child’s emotional intelligence (also called "soft skills") such as empathy, communication, self-regulation, emotional balance, adaptability, etc.
    • Include a variety of topics like:
      • robotics & coding
      • yoga & movement
      • cultural & holiday celebrations
      • digital citizenship
      • movie-making & acting
      • cooking
      • leader visits… and more! 
    • Ultimately, The Learning Center offers each learner a deeper gratitude for his/her unique design, refine "IQ" and "EQ" skills, and strengthen their relationship within our dynamic, global society.

    Are you curious about a new relationship with learning? Let us know!

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