AP Portfolio

  • Students in the Art Class, Advanced Placement Art Concentration, would normally display their Portfolios in the High School. It was a wonderful opportunity for teachers and students to see the work and interact with the artists…but...COVID. Since the artwork could not be displayed publicly this year, an alternative route was chosen - an online gallery.

    Below you will find the artwork of all seven students, in addition to their short essays describing the theme behind their artwork, their inspirations, mediums, and more. 

  • Brandon Alston

    My concentration revolves around theme park and amusement park landscapes. I chose this as my concentration because of the striking variety of subjects for each piece. My first piece, Magic Kingdom, features a landscape with very sleek, and futuristic architecture. It contrasts my 6th piece, Animal Kingdom, which has a focus on ruins surrounded by its overgrown environment. This concentration allowed me to utilize different approaches to represent the varied landscapes. Pieces 1 and 7, Epcot and Islands of Adventure: Hogwarts, for example, are simple pencil drawings, which allow for smaller details that are not as prominent in other pieces. Piece 4, Hollywood Studios, was created with a very basic outline filled in with colored ink. This piece does not contain many of the smaller details and instead focuses on the larger or more basic details. By using different values, it in turn creates its own details.

  • Elijah Maines

    For several years, I have worked on something grand; a large universe of characters and worlds. But in this concentration, I’ve found myself having taken my skills over to explore, and ultimately create, a new universe. A universe of structures and creatures much more bizarre and warped than even the large universe mentioned above. This new universe consists of what I currently call “The Land of Id.” This new universe takes place in a world where a mysterious incident involving a meteorite has turned the nation of Bikitoll into a wasteland of bizarre biomes and dangerous mutants. One woman, known only as Id, makes it her quest to figure out how the land got this way. 

    Through this concentration, I’ve been able to explore graphic novel principles such as the usage of silhouettes, composition, and other indicators in order to guide the viewer’s eye. Throughout my drawings, I’ve played around quite a bit with composition in particular; whether it be trying to use it to emphasize aspects and moments in my drawings or guide the eye of the viewer. With this concentration, I’ve also been able to utilize color to help my drawings stand out and overall give them more flare. I love to draw, but I don’t always use my color pencils; and this concentration was a good place to do so.

  • Imaan Rana

    My concentration explores the idea of femininity within Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. By including repeating images of eyes as well as Arabic/Urdu calligraphy, my concentration exhibits introspection, looking into oneself. These concepts are exhibited to show the truly exceptional and breath-taking beauty of Middle Eastern and Asian cultures through my perspective as a Pakistani Muslim-American. My first piece is called Ghor O Fikr--Reflection in Detail in the Urdu Language,--a multimedia piece which demonstrates my deviance from customary artwork. Through the use of collage, vibrant colors, brush strokes, and textures, the layers of paint and meaning in Ghor O Fikr illustrate the layers and depth of my identity. As an individual with a strong interest in societal issues, my pieces reflect my strong feministic beliefs in regards to my Middle Eastern/Asian culture. The repeated images of eyes and calligraphy in Arabic writing are illustrated throughout my pieces which adds to my theme of introspection and reflection.

  • Yhanna Colon

    My concentration is about visual interpretations inspired by music and from movies I’ve watched. I listen to a wide range of music. This variety inspires my visual design. Whenever I listen to Old-School Hip-Hop, I feel angsty and boss-like. Chained in the Family and I know you/Angst were influences of Old-School HipHop. H.E.R., is my favorite R&B artist. She gives me a relaxed feeling and I imagine myself in a warm setting. “Focused” is what I imagined when I listened to her music. “Focused” was more of a personal piece. I noticed when I’m focused I look angry, so the character has an angry expression. Some of the pieces like “Bird Opera” “Night Time” and “Controlled” were what I imagined if they were scenes or movie covers.  “Bug-Eyed” and “Gender in Fashion” were inspired as Magazine covers.

  • Faith Poehner

    My concentration illustrates what I perceive in my dreams, not only visually but intuitively. At the start of my series, I planned on focusing on the visual aspect of my dreams by replicating the exact image I saw. In my first piece, Limbo, I digitally collaged images to create a strong sense of space. In this dream I walked into a large, open hallway. In the center of the hallway stood a hospital cart filled with bloody organs. On either side of the cart laid unharmed people sleeping on hospital beds. A shadow of a wolf stretches across the back wall and exhibits a wolf chase from earlier in the dream. My initial plan was to use mixed media; I used acrylic paint, and colored pencils to create my next piece Gucci Vase In Space. The title captures exactly what is collaged, following the visual aspect of my concentration. Gucci Vase In Space made me decide to switch to digital for my next piece Through Sunset to Sunrise. I dreamt I held the sky in my hand like it was paint falling through my fingers. While taking the dream literal visually, I also added elements of design through symmetry of the hands, and repetition of the space and sunset. For my next two pieces, Asleep, and Off the Rails, I stirred my concentration down a different path. I did not dream the image either of these pictures depict, but they both relate to how a dream begins. Elevator In The Clouds brought my focus back to the visual aspect of my dreams. I have a very vivid image of this dream due to it recurring. The black figure of The Winged Victory in the center takes place of where I stand. Elevator In The Clouds is very realistic in my dreams but I wanted to add stylization, and illustrate the dream’s tone. After finishing Cerebral Killer, my concentration was clarified. I added both elements of design, emotion, and dream visuals into this piece. The clarity I learned from Cerebral Killer flows into my 8th piece, The Arcade. Same as Elevator In The Clouds, The Arcade is a recurring dream. I wonder through an arcade but the games get increasingly larger. My final piece captures a childhood dream of a teapot sprouting legs and turning half into a frog. As my concentration progressed, I not only interpreted visuals from my dreams but emotion and tone as well.

  • Kayla Weaver

    Portrait is the focus of my concentration. In the search for my voice, I realized that I get hung up on ideas of accuracy and “correctness.” Inadvertently, my exploration of coping with this compulsion became a large part of my concentration. In “Summer portrait” I found myself obsessing over getting everything right by the photographic reference. In “2&3,” I attempted to subvert the demands of the photographs by cutting them up and recombining and abstracting the source information. After cutting images up to paint from, it led me to work more with collage as seen in pieces “2-8.” I began to combine painting and collaging in my work, leading me to be more satisfied with my end results. As easily noticeable through my work, eyes are the most intriguing facial feature to me, and tend to be my focal point in my pieces. I also abstracted many of my pieces by using geometric shapes and lines.