• Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC Lancaster Campus)
    High school juniors and seniors must qualify academically and be recommended by a high school counselor or principal. To learn more and get started, contact your high school counselor or a HACC Admissions Counselor at your nearest HACC campus.
    1. Complete Application
    2. Official high school transcript.  If you are a home-educated student, submit an official evaluation.
    3. SAT or ACT scores, if applicable.
    4. Cost is $127.50 per credit (3 credit course is $375.00 including tuition and fees) (subject to change)
    Program Selection
    1. Depending on which dual enrollment option you select, you can earn college credit at your high school, at a HACC campus or online.
      • College in the High School (CHS)
        • Take college classes at your high school ($76.50 per credit/$225.00 per course)
      • Dual Enrollment
        • Take college classes at a HACC campus or online
      • Project PAS
        • Take a class offered in conjunction with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)
      • SOAR Programs of Study
        • Earn articulated credits through your high school or Career and Technical Center

    Conestoga Valley High School Course Substitutes

    • CHEM 101: General Inorganic Chemistry I/Lab (Replaces 3340AP AP Chemistry for 1 credit)
    • CHEM 102: General Inorganic Chemistry II and Qualitative Analysis/Lab (Replaces 3340AP AP Chemistry for 1 credit)
    • CHS/Virtual Western Civilization II (Replaces 2031 Traditional World History for 1 credit)
    • Government & Politics 201 (Replaces 2041 Traditional U.S Gov. & Econ for 1 credit)
    • MAT 121: Calculus 1 (Replaces 4040AP AP Calculus AB for 1 credit)
    • MAT 122: Calculus 2 (Replaces 4050AP AP Calculus BC for 1 credit)
    • MAT 202: Introduction to Statistics (Replaces 4840 Statistics for 1 credit)