• Lancaster Bible College
    Lancaster Bible College offers juniors or seniors in high school one tuition-free course each fall and spring semester. Students can begin earning up to 12 college credits before you graduate from high school.
    1. Complete application to begin acceptance process into "JumpStart" program.
    2. Submit official high school transcript with minimum 2.0 GPA.
    3. Write an autobiography (500 words) about their intentions of joining "JumpStart" at LBC
    4. Students are required to complete and submit scores for the PSAT, SAT, or ACT. To be considered for admissions, a student’s score should fit the following criteria:
      • PSAT score at or above a 1000 on the Math and Critical Reading sections combined with a score no less than 450 on either section.
      • SAT score at or above a 1100 on the Math and Critical Reading sections combined with a score no less than 490 on either section.
      • ACT score at or above a 21 composite with a score of no less than 19 on the Math or Reading sections.
    5. Once accepted, students will need to register for classes here
      • Available Classes begin on page 3 of the registration booklet
    Tuition Costs (subject to change)
    • Tuition is free for one course per semester
    • One-time Application Fee: $25.00 (waived for the month of November)
    • Student Service Fee: $35.00 per credit ($105.00 per course)
    • All costs, including textbooks, are assumed by the student
    Important Dates:
    Fall 2020
        • November 9 - Application Open and Class Offerings Posted
        • November 13 - Registration begins for returning JumpStart students at 8 am.
        • November 10 - Registration begins for new JumpStart students at 8 am.
        • December 21 - Last day to accept applications.
        • January 4, 2021 - (Registration is closed.): Last day to register for classes. Must register by 4 pm.
        • January 7 - Orientation from 9:30-11:30am

    Conestoga Valley High School Course Substitutes

    • HIS 204: The Modern World: WWI to the Present (Replaces 2031 Traditional World History for 1 credit)
    • POL 202: Intro. to American Gov. (Replaces 2041 Traditional U.S. Gov. & Econ. for 1 credit)