• Millersville University
    Millersville University offers a special early entry program for high school students who wish to enroll part-time into a Millersville University course as they complete their junior or senior year in high school. High school students receive a 50% reduction in tuition based on space availability. Students are guaranteed at least one course per semester.  
    Millersville has decided to accept unofficial AP score reports only for the purpose of dual enrollment placement. If your students have requested a course which requires a pre-req that can be fulfilled with AP scores, please let them know they can send a PDF or screen shot of their score report to John Sicotte (john.sicotte@millersville.edu) in the Registrar’s office. Please note that these will be used only for dual enrollment placement, and if the student decides to enroll at Millersville after they graduate from high school, in order to give them credit for their AP courses, we would then require an official score report from College Board to admissions.
    1. Submit electronic application for Dual Enrollment
    2. Applications for dual enrollment courses should be submitted to Millersville by early November to ensure greatest consideration for placement.
    3. Select courses from approved course list.
    4. Approximately a 3.0-3.5 GPA
    5. 21 ACT and/or 1000 SAT score (reading/math)
    6. Your final grades to be released to you or your high school. Please complete and submit transcript request form immediately after applying for dual enrollment.
    Tuition Costs (subject to change)
    • Non-Partner School Rate: $319.00 per credit or $1017.00 per 3-credit course
    • Partner School Rate: $159.50 per credit or $538.50 per 3-credit course
    • $20.00 tech fee per credit (Fall, Spring, or Summer) is required
    • All costs, including textbooks, are assumed by the student

    Conestoga Valley High School Course Substitutes

    • BIOL 100: General Biology/Lab/Recitation (Replaces 3029AP AP Biology for 1 credit)
    • CHEM 111: Introductory Chemistry I/Lab/Recitation (Replaces 3340AP AP Chemistry for 1 credit)
    • CHEM 112: Introductory Chemistry II/Lab/Recitation (Replaces 3340AP AP Chemistry for 1 credit)
    • GOVT 111: Intro. to American Government (Replaces 2041 Traditional U.S. Gov. & Econ. for 1 credit)
    • HIST 101: Europe and the World 1350-1789 (Replaces 2031 Traditional World History for 1 credit)
    • HIST 102: Europe and the World 1789-Present (Replaces 2041 Traditional World History for 1 credit)
    • Math 161: Calculus 1 (Replaces 4040AP AP Calculus AB for 1 credit)
    • Math 211: Calculus 2 (Replaces 4050AP AP Calculus BC for 1 credit)