• Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences
    Courses offered to students are entry-level courses to get students started early on the pathway to a career in the health sciences.  Students can earn a maximum of seven post-secondary credits. In most programs, students earn a 2-year Associates degree program in a particular area of study, and will continue their education while working at a particular placement. 
    1. Create an account and complete application 
    2. Student must be a high school junior or senior
    3. 3.0 or higher GPA
    4. Student must have completed the following courses:
      • Algebra 1
      • Algebra 2
      • Biology with a lab
      • Advanced science with a lab (chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, etc.)
    5. Counselor recommendation
    6. SAT/PSAT/ACT Scores
      • SAT: 1000 Reading and Math
      • PSAT: 100 for Reading and Math
      • ACT: Score of 21 or higher
    Tuition Costs
    1. $915 per 3-credit course, which is a 50% discount from the undergraduate tuition.
    2. Additional mandatory college frees are billed at the regular rate. 
    3. Books and lab materials are purchased by the student. 
    Course Selection: Click here to see a list of courses available to dual enrollment students. Click here to see the dual enrollment flyer.
    1. To view the programs available to student, please click here

    Conestoga Valley High School Course Substitutes

    • BIO 175: Anatomy & Physiology 1/Lab (Replaces- 3053 Anatomy & Physiology A for .5 credits)
    • CHE 100: General Chemistry (Replaces- 3340AP AP Chemistry for 1 credit)
    • PHY 150: Physics (Replaces 3430AP AP Physics for 1 credit)