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    1. Receive the Student Registration Instructions and registration deadline from your CHS teacher.
    2. Create your online application with Aspire, filling in all the student information as requested and selecting all desired courses.
    3. Print the Registration/Permission Form.
    4. Ensure your signature and a parent/guardian signature appears on the Registration/Permission Form.
    5. Prepare a check for the total amount of tuition. (CHS courses are $235.00 each, except for CHEM 0110, which is $310.00). Make check payable to "University of Pittsburgh".
    6. Obtain Registration/Permission Form signature(s) from your CHS teacher for each CHS course.
    7. Return completed Registration/Permission Form with paperclipped tuition payment to a CHS teacher by your teacher's deadline. 
    Course Offered
    HIST 0101: Western Civilization II

    This is an introductory-level course in Western European History that handles topics from the Scientific Revolution to the Cold War. It provides a framework for those who will continue in the study of History, and it provides an overview for those seeking to fulfill “General Education” requirements. There are no prerequisites. This course will introduce major questions of historical process and it will emphasize chronological, comparative, and contextual reasoning and the construction of original arguments grounded in historical evidence. (3 Credits)

    ENGFLM 0400: Introduction to Film

    This course in visual arts offers students a broad introduction to the medium of film while inviting conversations about new media, television, and film’s connection to other arts, including photography, painting, theater, and web video. (3 Credits)

    HIST 0601: United States 1865 - Present (CHS U.S. History 2)

    This introductory level course covers central developments in U.S. History from Reconstruction to the present. It will provide an overview for those seeking to fulfill “General Education” requirements. This period in U.S. History is characterized by dramatic and sweeping political, economic, social, and cultural change, as well as expanding global engagement. Students will interpret primary and secondary sources, learn to read and construct historiographical arguments, and hone analytical and evidenced based writing skills.

    If students have questions about taking on online class at University of Pittsburgh, please call 412-624-6828.