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      Scholarship Tips!

      Types of Scholarships

      There are thousands of different types of scholarship awards for a variety of criteria. Scholarships may be awarded based on any of the following: 

      • Scholastic Achievement (Merit awards - often judged by GPA, class rank, test scores, etc)
      • Athletic Ability (Don’t forget to register with the NCAA!)
      • Community Service/Volunteer Hours (Make sure to document activities and hours as you participate over time)
      • Demonstrated Leadership (Again, document and keep log of experiences, time invested)
      • Intended College Major or Career Field (Example: Student majoring in health field)
      • Essays
      • Minority Status
      • Student or Parent’s Workplace or Organizational Association
      • Talent
      • Other Criteria as Specified by the Individual Scholarship (Sometimes quite unique, for example: being left-handed!)


      Where to Look for Scholarships

      1. Schoology: Your Senior “Class of” Schoology Group is consistently updated with new scholarship opportunities. Go to Schoology -Groups - Class of- Resources- School Counseling- Specific Scholarship Opportunities. Also, make sure you join Mrs. Mead’s “Money with Mead” Schoology Group (Access Code: 8ZDG-6RZ4-D7ZNX)


      1. The Counseling Office: Hard copies of scholarship opportunities can be picked up in the Counseling Office at any time. Make sure you are also listening to the daily announcements!


      1. Free Scholarship Search Sites: Hundreds out there such as www.fastweb.com, scholarships.com, and www.chegg.com/scholarships. Please check out the “Free Scholarship Search Sites” document for a full list of recommended websites.


                   NOTE:   It is recommended that you set up a separate free email account (i.e. hotmail, gmail)

                                  for scholarships only. You will receive a lot of information/hits.

                                  BEWARE OF SEARCH SITES THAT REQUIRE A FEE. Many are scams!


      1. Other Resources:
        1. The financial aid department of the institution one is planning to attend.
        2. The specific college department of one’s intended major (i.e. science department)
        3. The workplace of both the parent and student
        4. The organizations/affiliations of both parents and student

      Important to note/tips

      • Most scholarships are awarded by the individual colleges
      • Private colleges generally award more scholarships than public colleges
      • A one-year scholarship is for one year only; a renewable scholarship can become a four-year scholarship
      • A student who has excelled or accomplished a great deal in one area is usually much more impressive than a student who has a “laundry list” of less meaningful activities
      • It’s important to remember that most financial aid is not awarded in the form of a scholarship. Parents and students should pursue all financial aid opportunities.
      • Smaller, local scholarships are often much easier to win than those sponsored by large organizations or businesses. Coca Cola, for example, receives over 100,000 applications for their 250 scholarships. A local Rotary Club may receive 10 applications for their Rotary scholarship
        • Apply for local scholarships even if the amount is small! Many local scholarships have few applicants and students will often win by being the only applicant. Remember, many little scholarships can add up to a very large amount of money towards college!
      • DON’T AVOID ALL SCHOLARSHIPS WITH ESSAYS. Write one really good essay and then tweak it for each scholarship. People are giving you free money for college, so you must work for it! Scholarship committees and college admission officers are looking for what makes you unique and different from all the other applicants. Make sure you address this in your essay
      • Apply, apply, apply! The more scholarships you apply for, the more chances you have of earning additional money to go to school.


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