• Schedule Change Procedures

    Students begin the course selection process for the following school year in the Spring of the current school year using Sapphire. Student course requests are then saved in the system. Students are encouraged to utilize the course catalog for a complete description of course content and expectations.

    Once the master schedule is built, students receive their courses for the entire year (typically at the end of July). The counselors then open a window for changes using a Google form advertised through the website, social media, emails, etc. Students are expected to carefully review their yearly schedule, paying special attention to their balance of coursework and any incorrect placements. Summer is the best time to make changes to your schedule. This is the only time to schedule open campus/study halls.

    Once the year begins:

    • Students may not drop a course for study hall or open campus. 
    • Seniors cannot make ANY change past Oct 15th due to college transcripts and counselor recommendations.  
    • Freshmen, sophomores and juniors have until one (1) week prior to the course starting to make changes/switch courses. Course availability is limited; some courses may be full. 
    • Students may not drop a course once the course is in progress. 
    • Teaching Assistants (interns) are dependent on the student finding their own placement and completing the required paperwork.
    • Work experience requires that students work a minimum of 15 hours/week and have an application submitted with all approvals.